Peek At: Urban Monuments

Peek At: Urban Monuments

How do we usually remember cities and towns we’ve been to? Maybe with some special places, significant moments, friends, even food… Sometimes the monuments and landmarks within a city are the most memorable. Especially when you encounter something extraordinary from the trivial meaning of sculpture, representing a historic heritage, architecture or outstanding size out of respect to a remarkable person.  Modern art gives a different new feeling to traditional places as we know them, adding contrast that makes these places even more attractive to tourists.
Here are some unusual tributes to city-architecture around the world:

1- An abstract blocking of  wood and bent-nails landmark near the Chicago River, Chicago, Illinois, USA

2- “Le pouce” (the thumb), Arc de la Defense, Paris, France.

3- Bull sculpture on the upper part of La Rambla, Barcelona, Spain.

4- The Paparazzi statue in the front of Paparazzi restaurant & coctail bar – coctails are one of the best in Bratislava. Laurinska street, Bratislava, Slovakia.

5- Monument of the key board.  Author – Anatoliy Vyatkin. Ist river bank, Ekaterinburg, Russia.

6- Two engagement rings by Dennis Openheim. English Bay, Vancouver, Canada.

7- Sculptures, Westerland Street scene in front of the train station. Sylt Island, Germany.

8- Monumental sculpture of a toothbrush (6×2,8×0,2metres) by J. Rоbert Jennings, 1983.  Haus Lange Museum , villa by the architect Mies van der Rohe, Krefeld, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany.

9- In 2004 in Stockholm, Sweden was made a decision to give the city more fun with sculptures. One of the coolest ones.

10- The headless businessman of Ernst & Young building. Los Angeles, California, USA.

11- Traffic-light-tree by Pierre Vivant, has 75 sets of traffic lights.

The sculpture was created to mimic a tree structure and reflect the energy of the developing Canary Wharf area. London, UK. 

12-  Monument to Charles La Trobe in central Melbourne was removed at the end of June 2006 and has been acquired by La Trobe University. Melbourne, Australia. 

13- Monument to a kiss. Kharkiv, Ukraine.

14- The Great big fork, Nestle, Vevey, Switzerland.

The fork locates in Lake Geneva directly across the Musée de l’Alimentation (Nestlé Alimentarium), a museum devoted to the history of food products. The fork is in commemoration of its 10th anniversary, and so it is not a permanent structure. Not known when it will be removed.

15- The clothespin monument, 15 metres hight. Centre Square Plaza, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

16- The 72 stone steps before the entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art have become known as the Rocky Steps. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

17- A  six-meter-high key sculpture by artist Jiri David on Franz Kafka Square in Prague, Czech republic.

The sculpture, that was unveiled to the public earlier the same day, is made from more than 85,000 keys to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the Velvet Revolution.

18- The Spoon Bridge and Cherry by Oldenburg at the Walker Art Institute. Sculpture Garden, Minneapolis, Minnesota USA.

19- The Grifo Majico, which appears to float in the sky with an endless supply of water. In actuality, there is a pipe hidden in the stream of water. It is located in Aqualand, Cadiz, Spain.

20- “Boots of the insurance agent who trampled them in search of customers”

is the name for the monument of the 92th size shoes was made by sculptors Ozyumenko brothers. The best part is that you can try them on!! Kyiv, Ukraine.

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