sTREEt – A Green Urban Furniture Design – by Kibisi

sTREEt – A Green Urban Furniture Design – by Kibisi

Street furniture mainly represents the secondary role to the city perception, while facilitating our existence in it and giving it some character. Mostly all of the urban furniture is disengaged – streetlights are not matching garbage bins and benches, bus stops are steeped in advertisement, traffic lights are totally out of city style and so on.

The Copenhagen based firm KiBiSi found a solution to the urban landscape mess – the sTREEt. It was designed especially for the Gwangju Design Bienalle 2011 in South Korea. The main idea of sTREEt is described as weaving a functional line to the cityscape, connecting it all with one urban item under the idea of street furniture unity excluding any illogical objects, through creating a single unit that combines lamp posts, garbage bins, and benches together into one harmonic element.

Any part of the KiBiSi street furniture concept can be adjusted to the needs of its neighborhood, from the little sprout of streetlight on the sidewalk to the mother tree gathering point with shelter, benches and even tree-swings. sTREEt tends to cover all the city needs in urban furniture under one theme of style, functionality and also organic component – at night all items included in sTREEt system run on energy generated through the mother-tree’s solar panels at day time.

sTREEt surely is a sustainable addition to the sidewalks of our cities, which in return can definitely save big on municipal electric bills, along with adding some taste to the outdoors of our urban environment.

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  • furniture hire

    Great article, really cool designs.

  • Vincent@ Furniture_Designs

    This is a very Eco friendly design. I hope it will be implemented. Instead of allocating a space for garbage can across the street they can attach a trash can in the pole of the street light.

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