Laces – The New ADIDAS Office in Herzogenaurach, Germany

Laces – The New ADIDAS Office in Herzogenaurach, Germany

A brand new facility has joined the adidas campus family in Herzogenaurach, Germany – research and development building “adidas Laces”.  Designed by German firm kadawittfeldarchitektur, it represents the identity of the adidas culture and perfectly fitting into the brand’s philosophy of permanent development. The idea of the ring-shaped atrium and walkways connecting opposite office areas like laces tying the building together like the shoe brought the name to the project thus comfort to workers which are not crossing different departments any more. This modern example of urban architecture provides the team of 1700 employees with functional working conditions and new source of inspiration. The design of the Laces was awarded with the Office Application Award as the Best Innovative Concept of 2009.  It took three years from 2008 till 2011 to create the 30 meters high building with a construction volume of 65,000m² and 356,000m³ cubature. The Laces consists of four zones: Office Module (4 floors of office areas above ground floor), Service Module (ground level areas for special use), Innovative Module (workshops and laboratories) and others (technical areas, store rooms).

Not only the outlook but also the interior of the building matches the adidas style. The design was made by Berlin firm Kinzo under the name “Workout” and aimed to add more comfort and simplicity to the working process of Laces. Kinzo developed a special kind of furniture not only to be used in the general meaning of office furniture but to encourage the work with the product – shelves, cupboards and other pieces are specifically suitable for textile, shoes, accessories and can be used in a very convenient way. Adidas Laces is a very flexible building – thanks to modular units the space of the Office Module can be easily transformed into different shapes depending on the size of the working team. The Laces performs a very strong strategy of sustainability using the building shell and energy economics, energy and electricity savings, geothermal warmth, green roof, rainwater usage.

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