Colorful Bridge “Slinky Springs to Fame” in Oberhausen, Germany

Colorful Bridge “Slinky Springs to Fame” in Oberhausen, Germany

Slinky – the toy created in 1940s in USA and loved by many kids worldwide has got its honor in Oberhausen, Germany. It was implemented in a bright footbridge named Slinky Springs to Fame which goes across the Rhein-Herne canal connecting two existing parks. The design of a swinging spiral wrapped around a colored band belongs to German artist Tobias Rehberger. The bridge was opened in August 2011 as a part of the local project EMSCHERKUNST 2010″.

Brightness of the springy synthetic finishes of the walkway is presented in 16 different colors produced on 2.67 meters of bridge width with its total length of 406 meters. It consists of pre-cast concrete plates, spiral bars and railing made of steel and net cable, – all attached to the stress ribbon. Lightness of the design underlies in the minimalism of the ribbon structure. Tension force of the bridge is removed to the outer tension rods with two high-strengths steel ribbons connected to the inclined supports on both sides of the canal. One more detail was added – the night illumination, preserving the light dynamic concept of the bridge.

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