Crater Lake – Social Meeting Point Installation for Kobe Bienalle 2011, Japan

Crater Lake – Social Meeting Point Installation for Kobe Bienalle 2011, Japan

Crater lake – is a new concept of outdoors socializing meeting points designed and built by 24° studio. The project is one of the winners of Shitsurai Art International Competition organized by the city of Kobe, Japan; the installation is a participant of Kobe Biennale 2011. Crater lake is exhibited from October 1 till November 23 at the man-made Port Island of Shiosai park providing a view at the Kobe urban center, its surrounding mountains and seascape. The installation is inviting visitors to enjoy the social interaction while observing the beauty of the environment through 360° viewing vista.

The design idea was influenced by the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake of 1995 which led to changes in the surrounding of Kobe. With a solid community of citizens the disaster was overcome and the city rebuilt, but nowadays without a crisis like that, concerning the technological vector of our modern life, the face-to-face social interaction becomes less and less interesting for people. In this case Crater lake is the meeting point where people of different age are encouraged to take part in a nice conversation outdoors through spontaneous placing – sitting  on the surface or on extra stools, or even lying down, while watching kids play.

The installation is hand-made and entirely wooden. It consists of 20 radial parts with 2×4 studs used for all structural members and 30×60 mm treated cedar wood used for the surface. Each radial part has 64 surface planks attached to three structural ribs that are connected between each other with horizontal supports. With a sloppy part on one side the structure forms a little hill on the other providing a shelter from the wind and weather conditions while allowing kids to climb this little mountain.

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