Dressed Up Furniture by KAMKAM

Dressed Up Furniture by KAMKAM

KAMKAM, a design group located in Seoul, Korea. Their Dressed Up Furniture looks like playful kids furniture with adults scale! The idea is to combine clothing and furniture, making the pieces soft and approachable, and also interactive using fasteners and buttons.

Cham is a storage cabinet in that opens and closes using a belt-like fastener with an inner magnet, keeping it more secure. It is named after the North Pole monster Cham, a character from a Korean novel.

Dressed Up Stool
These stools are upholstered with a special button detail that is also functional. You can unbutton the front of the stool to reveal a storage cubby inside. Adding to the theme of dressed up a cute pocket is sewn to the outside — maybe for a pen and paper

Cham Bench
Also part of the Cham series is the Cham Bench, upholstered again for a soft seat. It also has storage and belt-like fasteners.

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