From The iPod Creator Comes NEST Learning Thermostat

From The iPod Creator Comes NEST Learning Thermostat

Who would think that a thermostat maters, I mean the brand or its function, a thermostat is just a plastic box mounted on the wall with an on/ off/ high/ low/ auto switches and that is it! Its like turning the lights on and off on your way in/ out of the house.

Tony Fadell, the the iPod’s lead designer, thought otherwise. After 9 years of iPod productions, three years of iPhones and 18 months of silence, he’s finally unveiled his next big product, Nest -the smart green energy efficient learning- thermostat!

Nest is simply a  thermostat with an old-fashioned rotary dial design, but don’t be fooled — it’s a little genius on the inside, an eco-friendly, Wi-Fi enabled, self-adjusting thermostat that learns your habits and adjusts to them, and saves energy through automatic energy efficiency mode once it detects no movement around the house, it can also be controled from anywhere in the world with your iPhone or PC.

TechCrunch broke the news yesterday on Fadell’s secret project:

“Fadell’s new company, Nest Labs, is bringing Apple-level design and cool to those little boxes on the walls of a quarter of a billion US homes and offices that control the internal temperature. Why? Because all the ones on the market are ugly, they are too hard to use and they control a whopping 50% of the average American home’s energy budget.”

Just when you thought you’re perfectly fine with your 90’s vintage style thermostat, comes along an invention that will soon become a must-have sustainability and energy efficient home gadget.

Watch this demo video of Nest’s capabilities:

Are you buying the Nest ? If you’re willing to drop $250 on Fadell’s new thermostat, you can order yours online now

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