Amazing Halloween Carvings by The Pumpkin Geek

Amazing Halloween Carvings by The Pumpkin Geek

Its this time of the year again! Halloween is about to come on the 31st of October along with costumes, trick-or-treating and, of course, jack-o-lanterns. If you are still deciding on the scary look of your pumpkin carving and searching for something more creative, I want to give you a fast overview on a very special carving artist.

Alex Wer, also known as Pumpkin Geek, started his “Orange Empire” few years ago when his wife asked him to create a logo of the company she worked for on the pumpkin. He picked a craft pumpkin instead of the real one to save his work for ever. The success was very fast – he got many orders on the spot and started to develop the business. To produce such a unique piece of art Alex is using “4 colors” technique where 1 area is completely cutout, 2 different levels of depth, and a layer untouched for the darkest portion of the image. This style gave him great versatility and allowed him to create really impressive Halloween pumpkins.   Nowadays he is able to capture anything on the holiday fruit in just 4-6 hours depending on complexity of the work: movie heroes, musicians, sport logos, even your wedding picture.

[Photography by Alex Wer]

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