Joy Cupcakes – A Tasty Example of Successful Marketing

Joy Cupcakes – A Tasty Example of Successful Marketing

Marketing was always about serving the product right, making it fun, interesting and noticeable to the buyer. With great importance nowadays, as we live surrounded by tons of supplies, which are grabbing our attention to various showcases or online shopping pages. The question is which one will be the most unique to satisfy our demands; not only selling but also having a conversation with a customer through the little details.

In this matter the style of the Joy cupcakes store/café in Melbourne, Australia, created by Australian firm Mims Design, was meant to be a total engagement between design of the place and its ideology. Since all their product is daily freshly baked all from natural ingredients, it all was reflected by designers in simple timber furniture, hand-made details and soft-colors. The finishes of the table and stools are connected to hand-made tiles through soft colors. High ceiling is used for the cupcake themed lightning, and timber peg rails line with some kitchen equipment brings the homy feeling to the café. The design of the Joy cupcakes is only reinforcing their motto which says: “Everyone deserves a little joy in their day”.

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