Facebook’s Arctic Server Farm

Facebook’s Arctic Server Farm

Facebook recently announced the location of its new data servers. This time they picked a very cold city, Lulea, Sweden (same latitude as Alaska, USA and Yakutsk, Russia) which counts only 74,000 citizens. The plant is going to be the first one outside of USA and situated 100 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle. The main reasons behind the new location is to improve the service for the growing number of Facebook’s users in Europe and to keep servers naturally cool benefiting from the climate of the arctic region.

After a rigorous review process of sites across Europe, we concluded that Lulea offered the best package of resources – including a suitable climate for environmental cooling, clean power resources, available land, talented regional workforce and supportive business and corporate environment,”  – Tom Furlong, director of site operations at Facebook, announced the site selection for the data center.

The construction site will start immediately aiming to finish up the first operational phase out of three planned server buildings in 12 month and complete the project by 2014 providing around 300 full-time jobs. The plant will consume about 2.8 per cent of the electricity generated in the Lulea region. Even though Facebook didn’t announce the cost of its new data center, but Swedish government officials saying it will be around 750 million dollars.

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