Miami Rainbow – Harmonic Convergence by Christopher Janney

Miami Rainbow – Harmonic Convergence by Christopher Janney

American sound architect Christopher Janney made a colorful installation to mark the new entrance to the Miami International Airport in Florida. He called it “Harmonic convergence” and wanted to announce through it the connection between the new car rental terminal and larger airport arrival/departure environment.

Janney removed the shading louvers from the west side to open up the view and humanize the appearance of the transition area. He substituted normal glass with a diagonal pattern of colored glass, which is installed as a colored puzzle on the existing “X-bracing” – 45 degree-angle pattern on the crosswalk walls, with colored 24″ x 24″ diamonds. The “X-brace” itself and the ceiling were painted with an off-white color to properly reflect the shadows of the colored glass. To enhance the impression of the vast walkway, Christopher Janney added the sound effect using the multi-speaking sound score; it created the “sound image” to the people walking through the “Harmonic convergence” while enjoying the sounds of South Florida, the sound-score elicits tropical birds, distant thunder storms, sounds of the Everglades and other natural environments indigenous to the area. Janney brought some happiness to the average look of the airport entrance; gave an extra pinch of excitement to the travelers and definitely twisted it into a new icon for Miami.

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