Copenhagen’s Red Square is Literally “RED”

Copenhagen’s Red Square is Literally “RED”

The Danish Capital, Copenhagen, is getting a new urban place called Red Square, not much like Moscow’s red square, this one is literally painted in red. The square is part of the urban park ‘Superkilen’, a long stretch which also contains a green and a black zone. Each zone facilitates different activities.


Superkilen is located in Nørrebro (north-west), a multicultural part of Copenhagen with 60 different nationalities represented. To reflect the community, the park will be furnished with great diversity; benches are from Kuwait, bins and bike racks from Norway, ping-pong tables from Spain, playgrounds from Japan, lamp-posts and signage from Russia, and other elements imported from 60 different countries.

[Via Guerrilla Innovations]

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  • Jeff

    I love the ping-pong tables! I wonder if they have balls and paddles available, or if you have to bring your own?

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