The Avenue Towards Heaven

The Avenue Towards Heaven

The Avenue Toward Heaven in Tianmen Mountain, in the Hunan province of China, also known as the Big Gate Road, is one of the world’s scariest roads. Starting from 200 meters below it reaches 1300 meters above sea level. The road goes south of Zhangjiajie City and climbs up the Tianmen Mountain; on the way it makes 99 turns as 9 is considered a lucky number in China. The construction of the breathtaking road started in 1998 and took eight years to complete, nowadays it’s one of the most overwhelming areas in Hunan.

For the ones who are not interested in scary turns, there is a cable car right from Zhangjiajie City to the top of the Tianmen Mountain, though it has a frightening side as well – the cableway is 7455 meters length, which makes it the longest in the world. One way or another, the scenery is really worthy to forget about all phobias and simply enjoy it.

[Via: kuriositas; Photography: flickr user Liu Tao]

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  • Jeriea Smith

    Wow, where is this? My first though about this is really a “way to heaven” :)

    Its just really amazing how they build that complicated road. I thinks its really scary if you drove there.

  • ivan mochel

    an ugly scar in a beautiful mountain.. why couldn’t people just use the cable car?

  • Mark

    Ummm. You haven’t credited the right photographer for all the photos ;)

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