Leco – LEGO-like Recycling Containers

Leco – LEGO-like Recycling Containers

The world’s most famous and creative toy LEGO has inspired a design studio flussocreativo from Italy to create an ecological station facility – Leco recycling bin. It consists of four polymer units in order to the Italian utilization color system – 2 bigger ones – white and yellow (for paper and plastic) and 2 smaller bins in blue and green (for aluminum and glass). Each box pulls to open from the front and can be stuck stably on each other imitating the LEGO puzzle, which gives the user a chance to create different configurations according to the space requirements. This unique module is not only carrying the recycling idea, it’s also made for a storage purposes. Leco can be produced in different colors depending on the local utilization program or on the consumer’s taste. 

‘[The project results from] the desire to create, even if for a delicate issue such as environmental conservation; and the opportunity to interact with the containers in a nice way, overcoming aesthetic and formal obstacles. The result of that vision has led us to create a collector who had the power to attract people, not only because of its use, but also for its space-saving ability and the way it encourages the daily practice of collection and separation.’

[Via: designboom]

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