Paint Cairo – An initiative to Beautify The Slums

Paint Cairo – An initiative to Beautify The Slums

In an Intiative that carries a message of hope for a brighter tomorrow, Egyptian urban development firm Takween piloted the “Paint Cairo” campaign in Ezbet Khairallah, one of the largest unplanned communities in Egypt, with a population close to 650,000 inhabitants and a sprawling area of about 12 square kilometers (480 acres) on a rocky plateau that lies in the southern part of Cairo.

The Concept of the intiative aims at painting the city and offering a makeover to the general outlook of where one lives, where buildings are usually left without without a finish layer of plaster and paint, resulting in jungles of concrete and red bricks.

The pilot has been successfully completed in November 2011, and has generated great interest among residents for further development, to the extent that residents are willing to contribute more in beautifying their neighborhoods.

[Via Takween’s Facebook Page]

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