Library in Almere, Netherlands

Library in Almere, Netherlands

The first idea you get in your mind when you hear the word “library” is a dusty boring place. The one in Almere, Netherlands definitely isn’t matching the stereotype; its bright design and creative presentation won’t let you stay indifferent. This unusual place was, designed by Dutch design company Concrete Architectural Associates, has an overall area of 11,000 m2 with 5000 linear meters of bookshelves built with 1 straight and 5 curved modules; with extended facilities,working places, seating areas, info terminal, counters, couch lounges with lighting.

Designers aimed to avoid any average look of a library as the philosophy of the place is to treat customers as shoppers so the bookshelves are arranged by different shops not alphabetical order. All books are divided according to the named zone like “High Tension” zone, “Retreat” zone and more than dozens of others covering youth, culture, health, travel many other topics. This easily satisfies the needs of the running-by shopper and the one who came to enjoy the special atmosphere of a library. The books are showcased frontally with very easy access to them, which is making the search for your book much more exciting. It’s hard to say if the creativity of Almere library ruins its classic meaning but it surely gives it a modern twist while inviting people to read in a nice social ambience.


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