Tiger and Turtle, The Rollercoaster Sculpture in Germany

Tiger and Turtle, The Rollercoaster Sculpture in Germany

On the 13th of November, the city of Duisburg, Germany was happy to welcome its newest sculpture and attraction – one of the biggest in the country – Tiger and Turtle.

It took only 8 weeks for German artists Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth to complete this roller-coaster-like landmark on the highest peak of the park-like zone, in south Duisburg. Visitors are encouraged to climb their way by foot and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Western Ruhr at the peak point of the sculpture (45 meters above ground level). The masterpiece of engineering has a 44 x 37 meters base and a construction heightof 21 meters with stairways going along a three-dimensional contour, creating points impossible to walk to.

The whole structure was built out of steel and zinc as a symbol of connection to the heritage of Duisburg – the present location of the roller-coaster sculpture used to be a place for producing zinc while the city being a big steel manufacturer.

The name of the sculpture – Tiger & Turtle – Mutter and Genth wanted to represent through it the acceleration of a tiger, through its dynamic shape, along with the slow movement of a turtle as visitors will experience a step by step walk. Turtle and Tiger is also open to visitors at night time, led-lights are integrated within the handrails, highlighting the flight of stairs.

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