Exploding Twin Towers Concept Triggers Outrage

Exploding Twin Towers Concept Triggers Outrage

A Strange twin towers concept, for Seoul, South Korea, was recently revealed by Dutch designers MVRDV.  The Cloud – consists of 2 high rise residential buildings, joined at the middle of its height span by a pixelated cluster. Oddly, the final renders of the towers gave an impression of resembling a frozen frame of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre twin towers in New York in 2001, which triggered a rough wave of outrage in the design fans community, that started with a publication introducing the building on Dezeen magazine.

One commenter declared “the concept is just awful . MVRDV must have considered the fact they were recalling imagery from the 9/11 disaster when they developed this design. They’re either sick or ignorant. This design is offensive.”, another stated “This is better suited as Al-Qaeda headquarters.”, others think it has nothing to do with the 9/11 unfortunate events, and asked people to let it go.

The Dutch architects, who have received a spate of threatening emails and angry phone calls after revealing the proposals of the towers in the beginning of December 2011, released an official statement on their Facebook page, MVRDV apologise for any upset cause and explain that they did not see the resemblance during the design process. However, Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad report that MVRDV representative Jan Knikker admitted that they in fact did notice

“The Cloud was designed based on parameters such as sunlight, outside spaces, living quality for inhabitants and the city. It is one of many projects in which MVRDV experiments with a raised city level to reinvent the often solitary typology of the skyscraper. It was not our intention to create an image resembling the attacks nor did we see the resemblance during the design process. We sincerely apologize to anyone whose feelings we have hurt, the design was not meant to provoke this.”

The Cloud houses two connected luxury residential high-rises. A 260 meter tall tower and a 300 meter tall tower are connected in the center by a pixelated cloud of additional program offering amenities and outside spaces with wide views. The towers with a total surface of 128,000m2 are expected to be completed in 2015.

One thing I’m sure about, is the honest intentions of MVRDV that does not include hurting anyone’s feeling by erecting such a landmark, knowing their history of controversial designs that have always triggered rough criticism, due to their functional and rebel design approach without reviewing if their produced masses sends out any unwanted messages.

Let us know what you think, do you see a resemblance between The Cloud and the Twin towers explosion in 9/11? You can contribute to the debate below in the comments section.

[Via Dezeen]

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