Skywalk in Tianmen Mountain, China

Skywalk in Tianmen Mountain, China

The Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie, China is famous, not only for The Avenue Toward Heaven –  one of the world scariest roads, but also for the glass Skywalk. This attraction is doubtless for the brave hearted as not everyone is ready to enjoy the  scenery and observe the absence of solid ground under their feet even further than his eye could see.  The walkway is built at a height of 4700 feet (1,430m) above sea level with a dimension of 200 feet (60 metres) long. The 2.5 inches thick transparent path will definitely make your visit the Tianmen Mountain Park, the second national forest park in Zhangjiajie region, unforgettable. The only condition put for the courageous tourists of Tianmen Mountain Skywalk  is to put the cloth slippons over their shoes in order not to get dirty or scratch the miraculous walkway. 

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  • Jen

    Cannot even imagine how it would feel to walk out on that skywalk! Pretty sure I’d be like that girl clinging to the wall!

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  • mick lovell

    9 shots, yet not one picture straight down through the glass? i am disappointed

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