Mercedes-Benz SF1 Concept by Steel Drake

Electrifying Mercedes-Benz SF1 Concept by Steel Drake

Graphic designer Steel Drake has undeniably generated quite a buzz on the Internet with his mind-blowing Mercedes-Benz SF 1 concept. The sharp but sleek angles of this classy concept, which looks like it could be straight out of a Transformers movie, will have gear heads everywhere drooling.

A redesigned logo which to me is a step in the right direction, while maintaining the Mercedes-Benz character, the car also combines the good looks from the classics which is clear through the front vent and overall sharp look.

Angular front and rear lights accentuate the flow of the sharp lines formed from front to back. Large rectangular and triangular vents evoke speed and functional ventilation for the proposed rear mounted engine.

Steel Drake quotes:

Work on the entire project took 2 monthsit’s my second concept project, this is sport car, I tried to take into account the characteristic features of a Mercedes, name has the following transcript
“S” is a sport
“F” is the letter from the German word – “scharfsinn”
well as a number 1 because it is first of its kind
size of the car
length – 4557 mm
width  – 1908 mm
height – 1209 mm
weelbase – 2672 mm
[Via Steel Drake]

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  • Kumari

    It has lost the appeal of Mercedes! It has a shape of an ugly American car and the badge looks like cheap Mitsubishi!

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