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Plant for the Planet – Cut Leaf Illustration Ad Campaign
Green School Prototype – Gaza, Palestine

This project is an architectural proposal for a school as well as a recreational and associative centre to be built for the young people of the Palestinian camps. Designed by the architect Mario Cucinella in the framework of the 1st Italo-Palestinian technical table on Eco-Architecture and renewable energies held in Ramallah in March 2010

House of The Tree at Shenzhen, China

House of the Tree,  a penthouse that is quite the dream home anyone can wish for, located at the 48th and 49th floor of a high-end residential tower in Shenzhen, China. Designed by Kokai studios with the concept of “living between the city and the nature” offering a modern lifestyle with elegance and comfort. By enclosing a small portion of outdoor terrace into a glass pavilion in the center of the penthouse, Kokai studios created the new core of the apartment in an impressive double height atrium with the opportunity to bath by the natural light. Kokai studios have a deep… Read more »

25 Brilliant Examples of Black and White Photography
MADE IN CHINA: 200 Workers Erect 30 Storey Prefabricated Hotel in 15 Days [VIDEO]

Yet another stunning Chinese achievement here before us. Who would believe that anyone anywhere could erect a 30 storey tower, made totally of prefabricated materials, in just around 15 days! Well, its true; Broad Sustainable Building, a subsidiary of the BroadGroup construction company, has broken their previous record of constructing a 15 storey building in one week with their latest project in Hunan Province. The 17,000 square meter tower is designed 5 times more energy efficient than the competition and generates a fraction of the waste. It is also said to have the capacity to withstand an earthquake that measures up to 9 on… Read more »

Islamic Cairo – Episode III: Sufi Tannoora Dance

Tannoura is an Egyptian folk dance derived from the whirling dance performed as a Sufi religious festivity. The term Tannoura refers to the large skirt used in the performance. It’s considered one of the most popular dances in North Africa.

The World on a Water Drop by Markus Reugels

Representing a live example of experimental photography taking a leap forward with creations as Liquid Art by Markus Reugels, by capturing liquids in motion, he produces amazingly artistic images showing-off the physics of the material. Part of his photography series, called Refractions creates images reflected on drops of water. Using a high speed camera and large images in the background, he captures the image’s refraction through the water drops with the proper lighting to make it look as realistic and 3-dimensional as possible. Some photos turned the water droplet into a liquid planet by using a satellite image of the likes of Jupiter, The Moon,… Read more »

A Walk through Plaza Mayor de Madrid

In the heart of Spanish Capital, Madrid, lies the infamous Plaza Mayor (Mayor’s Square), a grand rectangular square measuring 120m long and 90m wide (394ft x 295ft). It’s surrounded by three-story residential buildings (at one point up to six stories high) with 237 breathtaking balconies facing the Plaza and a total of nine arched entrances. Related Images:

A 6000 Photos-Time-Lapse of the World in Under 5 Minutes by Kien Lam

17 Countries, 343 Days, 6,237 Photographs. Last year photographer Kien Lam embarked on a back-packing expedition around the world and documented his epic journey by shooting over 6000 photographs that were compiled in a magical 5 minute time lapse. Each scene in the video is approximately 2 seconds and is comprised of 40-60 shots on average.

The Result of Thousands of Stickers Given to Thousands of Kids

The Obliteration Room This past December, the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art installed a surprisingly simple yet ridiculously amazing shell space, artist Yayoi Kusama constructed a large studio apartment like, and painted every single thing in brilliant white, from walls, chair and tables, to the piano, and other household decoration, effectively serving as a big un-rendered white canvas. The installation, named The Obliteration Room, is part of Kusama’s Look Now, See Forever exhibition that runs through March 12 2012. The mission was, over a period of two weeks, the museum’s youngest comers were given thousands of colored dot stickers and were invited on a spontaneous mission of transformation of the… Read more »

What Happens in Bookstores at Night [VIDEO]

Sean Ohlenkamp and wife Lisa, after organizing their own bookshelf at home, they re-gathered their efforts for Type Bookstore in Toronto, Canada. They spent sleepless nights of animating books with a crew of over 20 people. The creation resulted in Joy of Books, with music produced especially for the short film by Grayson Matthews. The animation is definitely the perfect marketing for the Canadian bookshop. Watch the Video:   [Via Metafilter, Colossal]

Top 10 Tallest Buildings in the World in 2011
AIA’s Top 10 Green Buildings in 2011

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Committee on the Environment (COTE) has announced the 2011 COTE Top Ten Green Projects, naming the top 10 examples of sustainable architecture and green design solutions that protect and enhance the environment. The COTE Top Ten Green Projects program celebrates projects that are the result of a thoroughly integrated approach to architecture, natural systems, and technology. They make a positive contribution to their communities, improve comfort for building occupants, and reduce environmental impact through strategies such as reuse of existing structures, connection to transit systems, low-impact and regenerative site development, energy and water conservation,… Read more »

Stunning Architecture Photography – Episode II

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