Islamic Cairo – Episode III: Sufi Tannoora Dance

Islamic Cairo – Episode III: Sufi Tannoora Dance

Tannoura is an Egyptian folk dance derived from the whirling dance performed as a Sufi religious festivity. The term Tannoura refers to the large skirt used in the performance. It’s considered one of the most popular dances in North Africa.

In the dance, the dancers wear a white dress, then they wear some colorful skirts with diameters up to 2 meters wide, it hangs on their shoulders down to their waists over the white dress, allowing it to fly up as a rotating circle of colors during the performance.

Photography by Ahmed Ghonaim

Finally they remove all the colorful skirts and appear in white dress to quote their philosophical message that movement in the world begins at a certain point and end at the same point.

[All Photographs by Ahmad Ghonaim for]
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