Susie Hoffmann’s Funky Loft in Bozeman, Montana

Susie Hoffmann’s Funky Loft in Bozeman, Montana

Interior designer Susie Hoffmann of Envi Design, revived an old 1930s flour mill near downtown Bozeman, Montana into a beautiful loft. By intelligently transforming the modest 90 sq. meters (1,000 sq. feet) former office space, which occupies the building’s top floor, to seamlessly incorporate a kitchen, dining and living rooms, office and a guest corner into one space.

The secret, says Hoffmann, is knowing how to edit and conceal. “You have to be brutally selective in what you will include in the space,” she explains. “An open plan will not work with clutter, so you must ensure that there is proper storage.”

The funky loft  is filled with juicy colors everywhere that shine under the brightly-lit apartment…what a happy home!

[Photographed by Audrey Hall]

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