The Half Graffiti Panic Room in Marseilles by Tilt

The Half Graffiti Panic Room in Marseilles by Tilt

One’s wild imagination can surely drive him to surprisingly bizarre places and results. Renowned French graffiti artist Tilt has just completed a shizuphrenic interior piece of work in a room at the hotel Au Vieux Panier in Marseille, FranceThe room was split into exact halves and one side painted in technicolor graffiti and the other side in plain white, colors covered everything in its way as furniture and fabrics, the result was more of a Panic Room!

My Modern Met mentions that the unique hotel has five rooms which are redone annually by a different artist. In essence, they invite artists, graphic designers and painters into their rooms to create amazing and distinct atmospheres.

The Panic room design is impressive and fresh out of the box, but I would say far from being comfortable.

[Via My Modern Met]

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  • Sharon Howling

    Wow! Great colours, but left in this room …  I’m afraid I WOULD panic!  Sharon

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