Kennedy Residence in Boulder, Colorado by Semple Brown Design

Kennedy Residence in Boulder, Colorado by Semple Brown Design

12-acres of quiet ranch-land houses the Kennedy Residence in Boulder, Colorado, a remarkably warm and welcoming crib. Designed by Semple Brown, it is built using natural materials such as stone and wood, around the mature trees on the site and connected to each other by public spaces and courtyards. The project consists of three major living zones.

According to the designer, “the first wing welcomes guests into the main hallway and acts as a connecting axis into Wings 2 and 3. The flowing and unobtrusive layout of this wing, allows the kitchen to function as the heart of the house. The second wing emerges from the family room off of the kitchen and bends back to create the children’s rooms and a secluded master suite at the end of a long stone hall. The entry court is framed by a stone wall that bends around the garage, play room, barn, and guest suite creating the third wing“.

We invite you to take a virtual scroll through this modern home by Semple Brown and tell us if you find its layout inspiring.

[Via The Contemporist]

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  • Tricia@@vigrxoilexposed

    I will do this kind of construction in our home because were planning to renovate it..Thanks for all the pictures in here..

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