Top 10 World’s Richest Countries in 2012

Top 10 World’s Richest Countries in 2012

Forbes magazine published an article recently on the richest 15 countries in the world and the surprise was that on top of this list is the Arab state of Qatar.

Qatar topped a list that classifies countries on the basis of per capita gross domestic product, where the annual per capita income in it exceeds 88 Thousand  Dollars, according to figures from the International Monetary Fund the world of 2010. Thanks to enormous economic revenues of oil and gas reserves, in comparison with the relatively low population (1.7 million inhabitants), as well as the diversity of investments carried out by the Qatari government from owning stakes in global financial institutions, universities and multinational companies, through the organization of major world events as the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

UAE also came in sixth place on the list with an average income of 47,439 dollars, while Kuwait dissolved down to the fifteenth spot with an average annual income of 38,775 dollars.

It should be noted that these figures do not mean what the person obtain as an annual salary in these countries, it means the amount of his share of the value of goods and services provided by the State in which the person lives if it was divided on the entire population.

Here is the countdown of the richest 10 countries in the world according to Forbes:

10- The Netherlands: 

Average income per capita: 40,973 dollars a year, located in western Europe, bordering the North Sea, with its capital Amsterdam and a population of 16 million people.

 9- Switzerland:

Average income per capita: 41,950 dollars a year, a federal republic located in Central Europe, with its capital Bern and a population of 7.7 million.

8- Hong Kong:

Average income per capita: 45,944 dollars a year, is one of the administrative regions of China, located in East Asia with a population of 7 million people.

 7- The United States:

Average income per capita: 46,860 dollars a year, a federal republic comprising fifty states and is located in North America, its capital is Washington DC and has a population of 313 million.

 6- United Arab Emirates:

Average income per capita: 47,439 dollars a year, is located east of the Arabian Peninsula in Southwest Asia, bordering the Persian Gulf, Abu Dhabi as its capital and a population of 8.2 million people.

 5- Brunei:

Average income per capita: 48,333 dollars a year, is located on the northern coast of the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia, its capital is  Bandar Seri Pkawan, and has a population of 388 thousand people.

 4- Norway:

Average income per capita: 51,959 dollars a year, located in northern Europe and occupies the western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula, its capital is Oslo and has a population of 4.9 million people.

 3- Singapore:

Average income per capita: 56,694 dollars a year, is located on an island in South East Asia, Singapore as its capital, the population is 4.9 million people.

 2- Luxembourg: 

Average income per capita: 81,466 dollars a year, is located in Western Europe between Germany, France, Belgium,with a population of 502 thousand people.

1- Qatar:

Average income per capita: 88,222 dollars a year, it’s located east of the Arabian Peninsula in Southwest Asia, bordering the Persian Gulf, its capital is Doha, and has a population of 1.8 million people.
[Via Forbes] [Courtesy of Sharing: Ahmad Ghonaim]

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  • Andrew Oscar

    fuck the Muslim shit, USA is the world’s richest country

    • Hywel

      This is per capita, not how much the country actually has. the richest countries are USA,China,Japan,Germany,France,Brazil,United Knigdom  

      • Richardstifler

        US china japan are powerful! Europe country are powerful and rich too!

      • DeeJay

        Hywel, in terms of actual wealth of an individual (ie the median amount in US Dollars between the wealthiest and poorest of a country) Australia tops the list at US$222,000 per person with Norway a close second. USA is only US$53,000 and way down the list. For average wealth of an individual Australian comes in at US$397,000. This is second only to Switzerland at over US$500,000 ! Australian personal wealth is heavily weighted toward domestic real estate.

        • jake

          lol DeeJay, when it comes to individual wealth, Australia tops the list? Yeah, right, ask an average Aborigine if he’s rich. lol, USA is the richest country in the world. There’s no other country with a population of more than 300 million people and it has a high GDP and a high per capita income.

          • tom

            Yes, I agree. USA is a huge country with 300 million people and
            the biggest economy. It has resources, technology and power.

          • Caesar

            And highest debt in the world with highest unemployment,
            US goes downhill if it wasn’t for the Chinese to buy your bonds you were under water longtime ago you big show off spenders.

            • Christina Decker

              The US doesnt have the highest unemployment in the World, you fuck wit. I am not American and I even know that.

          • Michael

            Mate there’s fuck all aborinals left like almost none so that doesn’t contribute sorry, no homeless ppl here the and I mean none

          • icebergslim

            Thank you. You are very correct. You need to look at population before anything.

    • Daniel Wtsn

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    • Richardstifler

      fuck you also! US is powerful but not that rich ask them

    • muhammad ali

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    • Dkjsk

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      • Ell

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        • Rajvi

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      • blahblah

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    • Aru-11

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      • Neil Darren

        dont judge a country because of one idiot

        • Sophie

          There isn’t one idiot in America, there are thousands of idiots in America

          • Christina Decker

            And your one of the idiots from your country.

          • Rajvi

            I don’t think that’s true. Because of thousand idiots, you can’t blame that the whole country’s population are idiots. Americans are very helpful, they helped several countries in wars. I believe that they are not IDIOTS, but the people who THINK they are idiots, are IDIOTS. I believe that the statement you said above is very vague…

    • Zeetv

      The USA is bankrupt idiot its only partially wealthy at the moment because its the biggest borrower of monies.

    • Ank

      fuck to you you can see the number of USA in richest country

    • Jimlaya

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      • elll

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          • dhinesh kumar

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    • Speedyals

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    • Khan 22274

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      this is ranking by servey .. why you bloody americans can’t bear ???

      • Ashley

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    • Nasta_habib

      you know something I’m not a Muslim but you don’t have the right to talk about them like that 

      • bryceps

        He DOES have the right to. It’s called freedom of speech. If you get offended, too bad.

        • Johnnyjohnson

          You do realize that if he isn’t from the USA he doesn’t have the same rights. Right? Just makin sure…

        • Sophie

          No he DOESN’T have the right to . Some of these rights ppl have created r not supposed to be rights.

        • Rajvi

          Every person has a right to speak, but not the right to speak the false of other countries. Stop stereotyping other countries.. Here, it’s not about getting offended, it’s about using the right language…

      • maryam

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    • bad man

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    • Selena

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    • wr

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    • asdfghjkl;’

      Qatar is rich because of loads of oil and wealth of the families. All the Qataris have over a million riyals because and they don’t even have to work they get given money for being qatari. Qatar does not rely on tourism for money like dubai but it does have some attractions that have caused people to live there. I have lived in qatar for 8 years, so all this stuff is true.

    • gibesh

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      • Rajvi

        You are partly right Gibesh, I’m from India too… But don’t you think we should use the right language to say what you just said?I’m sorry, but we should help other countries instead of deceiving them like that. USA is also a country, people have different cultures. Therefore, I believe that we all should treat the countries the same way. Staying united will help us solve future problems sustainably, don’t you agree?

    • Mr A

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    • Mr A

      i accept that qatar is the richest county And Americans Are Mother Fucker.. :/

    • ovaiz

      qatar is the most most most richest country in the world and it will be ever and ever… inshallah….

    • sherwinmapalo

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    • Valon Alili

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    • Jacks

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    • emanchukwu

      I am a proud U.S. citizen, but even I can see that you are an ignorant dumb*ss. I am perfectly willing to accept that there are countries richer than America, and that America is NOT perfect. Oh and just for your information, I am NOT a Muslim.

    • Rajvi

      excuse me???!! Wtf?! I don’t think we should blame Muslims. All the energy you use everyday is obtained by their lands and their employment. I’m not Muslim, but still, you should nor blame them like that. You don’t have the right to. If you think they are a shit, explain why..? Why? Your statement is vague and unclear…

    • MØề ßàrấkat

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      the most richest country in the world is muslim country

    • zoha

      hey dont say a single word for muslims. we’re proud to be muslims.

  • Okiki Enitan Shofolarin

    i accept that qatar is the richest county

    • Paulzrh

      Yes but the worse where to live… Personal experience.

    • sherwinmapalo

      yes absolutely…


    I would like to visit Qutar

    • Paul 88

      Nothing to see.

      • arab

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      • kulkarni

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        • sherwin mapalo

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        • sherwinmapalo

          you know what for my servey i know all of you knows about philippines in 2010 and 2004 philippines is the 5 richest in asia now you see in year 2050 that philippines is grow and grow to there population to emprove there economy i am korean im trying to speak egnlish all of youthen i saw the emprovement economy of great philippines you know what philippines is the best if all lwa and also president was sure there best and emprovemen ?

          • seph jo

            With that kind of spelling and grammar, I highly doubt it.

            • emanchukwu

              Didn’t he say that he was Korean, and that he is trying to speak English? He most likely said that to imply that he has bad English due to the fact that he is Korean. Why don’t you try learning his language and speak it with perfect grammar. Dumb*ss.

        • Ayush Goyal

          well said bro..

    • onthenet.

      *Qatar. me too.

  • muhammad ali

    i would like to some day visit dubai 

  • Liamandrew

    This is a fucking joke… Richest based on average income? Do you all notice the flaw?… Lets do a scenario. There are 100 people in New York (lets just say there was).. 1 earns 1,500,000 a year… 80 earn 90,000 a year.  19 earn 50,000 a year. The average would then be somewhere around 140,000 a year. It wouldn’t make it true. Wealth should be based on debt and national bankstandings, echonomically. But truly it should be based on true average wealth. % of population with healthy living standards… This is truly moronic.

    • DeeJay

      In terms of actual wealth of an individual (ie the median amount in US Dollars between the wealthiest and poorest of a country) Australia tops the list at US$222,000 per person with Norway a close second. USA is only US$53,000 and way down the list. For average wealth of an individual Australian comes in at US$397,000. This is second only to Switzerland at over US$500,000 ! Australian personal wealth is heavily weighted toward domestic real estate.

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  • kezxxx43

    wow that is a joke ! that is so not trew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amyjackson Londan

    fuckkkkk usa bull shits……… usa is the world fucking country

    • Zeetv

       USA are mondern day nazis, there in debt because they borrow money and cant pay it off, half there population live in wooden houses, compared to Qatar there an ant when it comes to wealth.

      • 12 year old American

        Modern day nazis are called Neo-nazis which is still incorrect because if you went to um I don’t know fifth grade in America you would know that nazis where mainly in Geremany. It was a stupid president that got us in debt and I don’t see how it’s fair to judge the country based on one man’s mistake. However, we do have to pay off the debt he created an doing so will take time. You say that half the population lives in wooden houses well most houses are built with wood… What’s your point? I have wooden floors and they’re beautiful and more expensive then some carpets and tile foors.

        • SCOTTYWILSON09


          • Joylienvillegas

            stopppppppppp… just live on your own….

          • bryceps

            The President is trying to increase social programs making it easier for people in poverty. That’s wasting money and making Americans dependent on the government. If poverty isn’t hard living, then the people will continue willingly to be impoverished. The President thinks taxes are completely justified if there are benefits to compensate. In other words, he would think its ok to tax 100% income of there are enough benefits in return.He’s a socialist. People need to STOP taking money from the government, find ANY job, and be independent and self sufficient. That’s called freedom and personal responsibility; that’s what the US is all about.

            Anyone with certain physical or mental disabilities that cant take care of themselves can get help from CHARITIES, not tax dollars.

            Whew… Alright… Anyways, we just need to get rid of President Obama and a few idiots in congress.

            • s3ood al-3abdulla

              please guyz talk properly about muslims and qatar cauze i am a qatari and i didnt talk about religions and contries like usa or christanity ….. plzz respect

              • Medryn Kilpatrick

                Did you personally talk to the 312 million US citizens and all of them talk bad about you and other Muslims? No, you did not. What you did do was see a few crazy posts and statements from a few radical extremists, from the USA or not, that talked bad about Muslims. So please be mature and intelligent enough to realize you should not judge an entire country of citizens from the whack statements of some racist discriminatory nut jobs who use bigotry and prejudice towards others.

                The majority of the population here is non-radical, non-racist, and is accepting of other races and religions. We judge a person by their actions and not a self-produced perception of their life and beliefs. In America we live within a melting pot of tons of different races and religions and acceptance of each other and our unified existence with our unified goals keep us working together and that is the norm here. Any form of bigotry, prejudice, and discrimination here in the US is highly looked down on and unaccepted. Does that mean that out of 312 million people all will be perfect and live a pure life full of acceptance, kindness, and common interest? No, there are crazies in any society. You’re only looking at the exception of a few who speak out showing their immaturity and disrespect towards others which every country has to some degree.

                As an American I love my fellow citizens, the Muslim ones, the Christian ones, the Mormon ones, the Atheists, etc… and that is the focus here overall as our country is built on freedom, including the freedom of religion which is a key part of our society and drives our profound ability of co-existing. So to those slandering and threatening each other, grow up, act your age and show some maturity. We are becoming a global community, America has been a major player in that role with so many other countries aiming to progress the same. If you keep up the prejudice and discriminatory attitudes toward one another you’ll eventually find the world is moving on without you.

                And please, don’t be brainwashed or swayed by anything you have not experienced firsthand, you should always stand up for yourself enough that the least you’ll do is refuse to accept truth outside of your own personal experience, because so many people become prejudice and bigots for that exact reason, they let gossip, second hand information, and their pride to be accepted lead them into believing things they have not experienced firsthand for themselves and sadly let it guide their thinking. Be fair to yourself and don’t do this, if you want to truly understand America fairly, come live here and be a part of it, as is the same if you truly want to understand and form opinions of any other country & society be it with Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and so many more.

                For many here that are posting so harshly, instead of being judgmental and discriminating towards other cultures including immature threats and name calling, you have much better things you can do with your time & your life, and in those things, I personally wish you all the best. With respect and best wishes from another human, another “Earthling” that happens to live in the great state of Texas, USA. Remember, were all human, make it count.

      • MohammadTheFaggot

        We’d still beat the shit out of whatever cest-pool you reside in.

  • Ansariemalik_13

    i like the result,always top 1 my beloved country ……………………….?its a eligible country……..

  • 12 year old American

    You know what I think is funny that all you dumbasses trashing U.S.A. can’t spell/ use grammer. Zeetv, **money a two year in the U.S.A. could spell that. Richardstifler,** Fuck **but, **them.
    Aru-11 **Dirty **Americans. Amyjackson London **worst. Zeetv **their **they’re.

    • 14 year old Brit

      M8,if u r a 12 year old American then you,ll be obese, retarded and wank on your Xbox all day. Jake in two and a half men resembles all 12 year old Americans when he was 12.

    • superttan

      you also do not use proper grammar*, (money a two year U.S.A) Also you are using these ** incorrectly. Most American citizens have an average IQ of 98 which would be slightly lower than the average country.

  • Caramelkiller

    Pretty sure some of you guys are just jealous of Qatar that’s why you said shit about them. :P read the news will ya?

  • bengamin

    i think z most important thing is who has the power and dat would be USA

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  • Teddy

    mother fucker what a shit…………the mighty ones has fallen

  • Sammerkhan

    oscar ki maa ka chodo……

  • William Henry

    the muslim country especially in arabic use dinar=gold dinar. thats why their income so high then USA… fffuuuuuuucccccccccckkkkkkkkkk!!!!

  • Karishmas

    honk kong is so    colourful and nice spot

    • Lee

      even with the tendency to spit and dig noses… still looks clean!!

  • abhi

    hey heywel you forgot to mention about India as the worlds 4th richest nation!!

  • miss qatari

    of cz qatar z the richest country n the world..naughty americans 7th lolz :D wht a sprss….qatar ppl are very rich bt singapore ppl are the living country is doha qatar so i knw qatar is the bst..

    • emmi

      oh are we that rich? lol xD

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  • Jacer

    I did not know that singapore was that rich!

  • Fox

    You can defeat islam jesus.. damn u jesus

  • No name

    all of you guys conflicting about you’re country is why we have WARS. Calm down all people are Simply entitled to thier opinion :)

  • Oscarer Ma ke dos bar:

    Fuck USA…….!!!!Oscar u mother fucker stop abusing the muslims , i am a hindu and i dont disrespect any culture or beliefs…..Muslims are much cultured ppl and that clearly reflects in the way they lead their life..but few miscreants are misleading muslims….there are other religion who is taking advantage of this and watever bad happens they blame it on muslims…Oscar u mother fucker u should know ur values first, ur thoughts are as dirty as ur dick…nd i will cut ur dick when i will find u ….nd to define u accurately the right words are teri ma ki chut ….madarchod , behen ki lund, tera gaand mar dunga….bhosri jaisi, bawli gaand, ma ki bur , bokachoda , laura, khankir chele tui ……tor ma ke chudbo ……

  • khan

    oscar fuck u hard……..ok agree usa is powerful and rich so wat usa can get.ti………jst time wasting country……..wat they got in afghanistan for last for last 12 years……….cowardssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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  • mica

    im really amazed and i admire Brunei for ranking 5th eventhough its a small country they make it to the top ….

  • krystal lee

    oh! i thought japan wil be included

    • icebergslim

      Why? Because the make playstation?

  • bullet

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    • William

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      • sherwinmapalo

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    • sherwinmapalo


    • oa

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    • disqus_NI89HBWkEq


  • Nash

    Andrew Oscar is a very big bull shit, we are talking about countries not about cst

  • Mobi Mktg

    Half those “Countries” aren’t even as large as Los Angeles – in area OR population.

  • john


  • fact believer

    is there any physical evidence of allah and any other gods of hindu or jejus ? all are myth , imaginated. science is the only which makes man advance, develope. not religion. religion create dicrimination, greed, ego, terror. in future science is the one who will dominate the world not religion. go to 100 years back , who’s made man advance, developed, sofisticated,? the answer is science not religion.

    • Ramses

      And your point, mate you are missing the point and by the way no one asked you to believe in anything
      If you think that you are smart which one was first the egg or the chicken?

      • seph jo

        If we use the bible, the chicken came first.

  • david

    all this information is amazing, but what about china, japan, south korea and taiwan?

  • Robert H.

    The next time you get into an argument with an elderly patriot who asks you to “pick a better country”, you now have several alternatives. I would choose Australia, who has had a balanced budget for 13 years running. The U.S. has fallen to 7th. Better update your info, because here’s proof that we are NOT the richest nation on earth.

  • Ollanta

    The USA is not a rich country !!! Has the highest unemployment rate and lowest income per capita in last 10 years!!

    • Christina Decker

      No they don’t you idiot.

  • gibesh kumar

    usa is a fucking bastard country

  • Josh


    Brunei income per capita is about $ 50,000 or above ! n Brunei capital city is Bandar Seri Begawan, not Pkawan..

    n Qatar its income per capita is about $ 115,000 or above !! lol..

    Life for Muslims ! Muslims r great. Qatar, UAE, n Brunei are the countries with the Muslims population as the majority..

    • Abdullah

      Allahu akbar = The Lord of the universe(the creator,the only which is the right One to worship) is great.

  • angel

    Singapore is the place to be

  • sherwinmapalo

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    mowasalat transport company

  • Bilal

    The people which are sincere with home country and as well work hard ,,gets a lot of fruits in way of ,, rich ,, happiness ,, progress ,, prosperity ,, … i like all this countries ….

  • baloglogable

    it depends on the ”resume” in each country…about mineral wealth and social policy

  • iluvmybahrain

    qatar and uae people are very bad people they do no respect foreigner.

  • arik

    oh my … r u crazy is usa moving backward

  • Sayan

    No dout Quatar is very best of other countries but i like U.A.E .

  • izeke

    where is romania?

  • ak

    Dude the numbers don’t lie

  • Happy Bruneian

    brunei capital spell BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN and not PKAWAN

  • faisal saigal

    fuck you arabs.who purchase womens from america and europe for their lus

  • leelyla

    This is the wrong list. You’re using the GDP/capita derived from PPP guesses. But that value only tells you how much the inhabitants can buy for their money in their own country.

    You need to use the nominal GDP/capita list.

  • MohammadTheFaggot

    Look at all these jealous Hajis showing off their horrible English. Go back into your sand huts derka derka. The US has enough military superiority to annihilate the entire middle east in less than a month. Look how many problems and wars have been created in the name of Islam and Muslim bull-shit. Most of you still have to have bigger, badder countries hold your hand and tell you wrong from right. I mean seriously, who shits in a hole, wipes is ass with a bare left hand, and thinks it’s an insult to show the bottom of your feet? This is Islam. A failure to adapt to the modern ways of the world.

  • No one is better than other


  • 12341239

    why cant these americans jst accept the fact that they are 7th while qatar is 1st.
    And why talk about religion? lets stick to the topic this page is presenting.
    lol, they are so proud of themselves and jealous of others that they reject the fact also…:O
    and by the way, i live in qatar adn it IS ossum in here.. beleive me.
    it is a country with no tax (AT ALL) and u get paid more for less work!!!

  • Tarish Basheer

    fuck usa

  • Bunks

    An American couldn’t live in Sydney on what they earn

  • Bunks

    The USA is broke and relys on china to lend them money.china owns the usa

  • R.F.


  • Miral Aj

    where is saudi arabia?!

  • WHERE.


    • Susan McFarland

      Tokyo is not a country. It’s a city in Japan. You can pick up a geography book at the Goodwill for about a buck,

  • Lester Morandante Paje

    USA is rich of course but they are concentrating more in building up their power while Quatar is making money from the natural resources that they have. Anyway whats more important is not how rich the country you belong its the individuals state of living. And as I have observed both rich and poor men exist in everyplace no matter how famous the government is. Many countries tried to establish an equality for all their citizens such as communism but their living status today proves it ineffective. The world is just designed to have poor and rich and if it is not so surely no one will work for others ehalf, everyone loves to become a bos and thats just the way it is and its called life.

  • Dayangku Aimi

    im sorry its not Bandar Seri Pkwan, its BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN

  • norway are shitting

    fuck norway

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  • Arthur Siew

    Singapore ? don’t make me laugh, many people earn an average of 2500 dollars a month, it is the ministers in singapore that pay themselves an average salary of 1 millions a year with the president earning 3.5 millions dollars every fucking years !!!!

  • MØề ßàrấkat

    Saudi arabia is the most richest country in the world

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  • zoha

    just stop it.all religions have their own significance,

  • wajid

    All fingers are not equal God has given every country their wealth is lack of wisdom that they lack may God help us all.

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