Mind-Blowing Fairy Tale-Inspired Illustrations by Adam Oehlers

Mind-Blowing Fairy Tale-Inspired Illustrations by Adam Oehlers

An extremely creative piece of art we caught today by artist Adam Oehlers, inspired by fairy tales and dreams, and transcribed on paper with an extraordinary talent.  Born in Coventry, raised and studied in Adelaide, and now based in the United Kingdom, Adam Oehlers transports his viewers into the dark and playful fantasy worlds of his illustrations. The character-based scenes draw from fairy tales as well as Oehlers’s interactions with the world. His inspiration has varied across his career and he finds that his surroundings and the community in which he lives indirectly affect his work. 

He describes:

“I’ve always been drawn to fantastic tales. As a kid I lived a lot in my imagination and I began to draw to re-create the world in my head. I was intrigued by fantasy worlds and strange creatures in the stories I read. As my work matured this fantasy element became less of the focus and more of a subtext. These days my work is set in a world that is not so different from ours. It’s a grim, cobbled world that is trapped in its own time – with little elements of odd magic creeping in at the edges.”

[Via Paraxis] [More of Adam Oehlers’ work  on his website]
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  • http://www.apprendre-la-photographie.fr Jerome Dancette

    Very great work !!! I love that !!!

  • Tony Lilley

    Fantastic pictures

  • sawmay

    beautiful pictures

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