Google’s Project Glass – A Leap into the Future

Google’s Project Glass – A Leap into the Future

This is freshly baked out of the oven of Google X laboratory, a futuristic gadget that defines how deeply interactive smart computers will be within our daily lives. A video teaser released by Google introduced Project Glass, a pair of star-trek-like glasses with voice-controlled virtual computing abilities. The slim line fits around the forehead with a small screen in the top right corner to transmit information to the wearer. The computer is thought to be powered by Android operating system, with an interface similar to their smart phones.

I’d like to see Apple’s move now, specially that this could be the next big thing for Google after the mediocre results Google+ achieved. Project Glass is still very much in development stages, but the initial prototypes have been created to begin testing and refinement. The glasses will not go on sale until later this year, in the meantime Google employees will be testing them in public over the next few months. The New York Times suggested they could cost between $250-$500 (€190 – €380).

Watch the video, if you’re a geek this will be heart-melting for you:

[Image and video by Google] [Courtesy of Sharing: Omar Magdy]

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  • Magnus

    I think Google have a big advantage over Apple here even if Apple would launch iGoggles or a Supersiri as Google actually have the data needed. Apple lacks the information and that will make it hard for them creating a similar product.

  • Nourhan Hamdy

    Nothing new doesn’t have side effects

  • Nourhan Hamdy

    No way
    We, humans, became the machine and Google became our brain
    We stopped expressing feeling because of the emotions, so do you want to stop thinking as well.
    Sorry google, I don’t want you to be neither my eyes nor my brain. I have my own.

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