Hamilton Grange Teen Center in New York by Rice+Lipka architects

Hamilton Grange Teen Center in New York by Rice+Lipka architects

What image do you get with the word “library”? Lots of dusty books, silence signs and the book worm spirit! A simple yet outstanding choice of the New York’s Public Library, created a big upgrade to the guttered third floor of their Harlem’s landmark branch. Moreover the Hamilton Grange teen center appeared to be the first of its kind in Northern Manhattan, NY.

Contemporary renovations, designed by New York based Rice+Lipka architects, covered 4400 square feet and divided the space into multifunctional zones, which are alined by two main elements – the bamboo stepped bleacher area and a 7 meters diameter media vitrine.

The stepped bleacher provides visitors with a street view and at the same time works as a hub for live performances, screenings and hang-out area.

The vitrine is the cylindrical glazed media room which allows visitors to enjoy movies and interactive gaming such as Guitar hero and Wii. The loud noise inside the Media Vitrine doesn’t cause any outside distortion.

The teen center’s space also includes X-Bar computer zone, Highback Reading Lounge, Exam Study Niche, and a day-glo Snack & Chat Niche (a 1st time experimental break from the normal prohibitions), rolling L-bracket Lounge, and tiered book stacks.

This place achieved a great makeover from the cliche definition of a library to a more social interactive hub attracting much more young visitors from the surrounding neighborhood than before.

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