Koban Police Box in Kumamoto, Japan by Klein Dytham Architecture

Koban Police Box in Kumamoto, Japan by Klein Dytham Architecture

Tokyo-based agency Klein Dytham Architecture  has recently designed a police station in the very unexpected way to its traditional image. The Koban Police Box is situated in Kumamoto, Japan and covers a surface of 143.62 m2. This friendly looking station already became a local landmark.

The top of the building is wrapped with a perforated steel plate, and the structure inside the wrap as well as the inward surface of the wrap is colored with the pastel rainbow gradation. This trick is giving the citizens, while passing by,  an attractive effect of colors bursting out of the holes on top. Same time the main structure of the building was painted in dark grey in order to introduce an unusual positive after-feeling from an ordinary police station. The roof strap was cantilevered 3 meters out, giving a sun and rain shelter to the parked police cars .

 [Source: designboom; photography by Kouichi Torimura]

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