Dubai’s Fog makes a Skyscraper City in the Clouds

Dubai’s Fog makes a Skyscraper City in the Clouds

Over the past decade, Dubai‘s Skyline has quickly developed to be one of the most iconic in the world, featuring the highest skyscraper on the planet, the Burj Khalifa at 828 meters (2700 feet) high.  Twice a year, the city gets a thick layer of fog, in March and September, during season change. The moisture in the morning cools and the fog start to appear with the towers of the city penetrating the carpet of fog.

British developer Ian Powell, from Brighton, has been able to use his work site visits to take amazing pictures of the skyline over the last eight years as it evolved. He told the Daily Mail: “Watching the fog from this high is beyond reality. The Dubai skyline is such a wonder – I watched 80 per cent of the buildings being built over my eight years here.

[Via Telegraph, Ibda3World]

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