Under the Moonlight House by Giovanni D’Ambrosio

Under the Moonlight House by Giovanni D’Ambrosio

Under the Moonlight contemporary house, designed by Giovanni D’Ambrosio, is located in Mount Hotham, Victoria, Australia. Interestingly enough the shape of the home is quite modern, yet there are obvious historical influences that are incorporated into the design very successfully. The house’s materials tend to blend with the surrounding environment, protecting the local vegetation and trees from any distorting objects.

The roof is made out of insulated metal and accomplishes functionality at any climate. Its brownish color matches well the chromatic shades of the surrounding nature. The house’s shape resembles archetypes used by country-men and cowboys that lived in the area.

Stone, wood and metal are materials used for both structure and construction of the Project. The House have been designed in order to comfort seasonal stay, both during summer and winter, of inhabitants and to let them appreciate as much as possible natural environment surrounding them.

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  • B K B Kroon

    Grand design! Really like the atmosphere and its placement in the natural setting. Only sad to see it is so close to other conventional houses what unfortunately takes the magic away somewhat..

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