Instagram Socialmatic Hardware Camera Concept by ADR Studio

Instagram Socialmatic Hardware Camera Concept by ADR Studio

Over the past 2 years Instagram, a smartphone-based application, has gained extreme popularity as a photo-sharing service that adds a little vintage touch to the users images and publishes them online in a community that has already reached a whopping 50 million users. Recently purchased by Facebook for the sum of $1 billion, many people are speculating what will the social network giant add to the photo app. Experts have thought Instagram could build its first hardware camera, that would be distinctive for editing photos on the camera itself. Well here it is:

Italian design and communication studio ADR  has created a concept of an Instagram real life camera named Socialmatic, it resembles the classic Polaroids with instant photo-printing and adds to it instant online sharing. An independent camera would definitely produce higher quality images than a mobile phone one, giving it a selling edge if it goes into production.

Here is the spec list of the proposed camera:

  • 16 GB mass storage
  • WiFi and Bluetooth
  • 4:3 touchscreen
  • 2 main lenses, first for main capture, second for 3D filters, webcam applications and QR Code capturing
  • Optical zoom
  • Led Flash
  • Internal printer to make your Instagram photos real
  • Paper cartridge with Instagram Paper Sheets
  • Dedicated 4 colors ink tanks
  •  InstaOS 1.0, which put together Facebook and Instagram App feature

How many likes for, what I would call, the best social camera invented after the last year’s Lytro!

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  • 7Starrchasers


  • BTW

    IS THIS REAL??? i need one ASAP. 

  • Karla C.

    this is brilliant! i hope it comes true 

  • Readridinghood

    This Is Brilliant! I would Definitely invest in this!!!!!

  • Koalisa

    Great idea!

  • El_Duke

    Absolutely incredible concept.  Genius!  This would sell like hotcakes.

  • Lomobias

    looks fake

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