The World’s Most Expensive Photographer – Andreas Gursky

The World’s Most Expensive Photographer – Andreas Gursky

German photographer Andreas Gursky, is a world known artist, who is famous for his contemporary photography artwork. Pictures he takes are usually recognized by the colossal size of architecture and landscapes. His work is not only breathtaking but also well-paid!

In 2007 the print 99 Cent II, Diptych, was sold for $3,346,456 USD at Sotheby’s, London. Moreover, in November 2011 Gursky beat his previous world record, selling Rhein II  for USD $4,338,500 USD at Christie’s, New York; it turned him into the world’s most expensive photographer.

 "The Rhine II" (Der Rhein, II)

 [Source: C4, MoMA]

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  • jim

    wow. ridiculous. flat, featureless, almost colorless *crap* picture of the rhine. What idiot with too much money paid for *that*?

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