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Pin Art by Philip Karlberg

Photographer Philip Karlberg completed a photo shoot of famous faces for Plaza Magazine just using lighting carefully arranged wooden pegs. Playing with sunglasses and 1200 pieces of wood, the rendering is very successful.

Ryno Motors Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle

Right out of Portland, Oregon, comes this sporty self-balancing electric unicycle named RYNO. It has a top speed of 25 mph, can go up to 30 miles in between charges, and has a max capacity of 250 lbs. Its estimated retail price will be about $4,500. Production begins in January 2013. The Eco-friendly RYNO is poised to create real fundamental change. Since you can take it on the train in the suburbs, get off downtown and quietly ride it all around, city planners will finally have a product that will allow urban centers to clear out automobile free zones and get… Read more »

And the Alligator Said “See You Later”

Timing is everything, when it comes to memorable photography. This perfectly timed photo taken by Marina Scarr of an American alligator just about to swallow an unlucky gar fish in Florida, USA. The photograph was submitted to National Geographic’s Annual Photo Contest in the Spontaneous Moments category. Upon posting the picture on the NatGeo Facebook page, it hit 35K shares and almost 100K likes. Awesome shot! It deserves to be the picture of the day.

Plastic Bags – The Planet’s Silent Killer [infographic]

How convenience is killing our planet: More and more people around the world are becoming aware of the environmental issues caused by the excessive use of plastic bags. Considering their somewhat placid appearance, the impact of plastic bags on the environment can be devastating. I stumbled upon this interesting infographic by Arte Ideas, simply explaining the impact plastic bags have on our planet, since they were intoduced a quarter of a century ago.

Project Blow Job by Tadao Cern – Remember the Photos? Now Watch the Video

A few weeks back we featured the photo gallery entitled Blow Job by Lithuanian photographer Tadao Cern, where he exposed people’s faces to enormous forces of winds and snapped shots of their disfigured features. The post went viral when published. If you’ve enjoyed the photos, you’ll like the video.

Tall Pictures by Peter Lee

Peter Lee Pui Weng, a  24 years old, student of University Malaya in Malaysia. His photography work has been grabbing my attention lately, with landscape and humanities as his primary subjects, he shines a spot light on how wonderful portrait oriented images that sports all elements that can be wished for, in one heart-melting scene. He uses a Nikon D60 with Nikkor 12-24mm and Nikkor 70-200mm. Here are my favorite tall photos of Lee. Pictures are mostly taken in Malaysia. 

An Arctic View of Our Blue Marble

For the first time, NASA captures an image of the whole volume of our home planet looking down at the North Pole. At an altitude of 828 Km (512 miles), Earth looks different than the image we’re used too of the eastern and western hemishperes snapped from the orbital plane of the planet. This view shows the UK and Greenland clearly, Europe, most of Asia, northern Africa and north America. The Arctic view of the Blue Marble is not a single photo,  according to NASA, it took 15 orbits of the  recently launched Suomi NPP satellite provided the VIIRS instrument, to gather the pixels… Read more »

The Cloud House by McBride Charles Ryan Studio

The Cloud House project, an addition and renovation to a double-fronted Edwardian house in Fitzroy North, a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Designed by Australian studio McBride Charles Ryan who conceived this project in three distinct parts (the old house, the cloud, and a transition in between), an architectural design to discover in sequel. “The Cloud House is an addition and renovation to a double-fronted Edwardian house in Fitzroy North. Over the course of close to a century, this house has received several additions and modifications. McBride Charles Ryan’s work for the house is designed in three parts. This allows for a sequence… Read more »

ABC Museum dedicated to drawing and illustration in Madrid, Spain

The new ABC Museum, designed by architects Aranguren + Gallegos, aims at becoming an international artistic benchmark as well as a symbol of the cultural offer of Madrid, Spain. It is entirely dedicated to the world of drawing and illustration and has few rivals in Europe capable of standing comparison with the liveliness of the initiatives and with charm of its location. It has been created inside an old factory in Calle de Amaniel, not far from the gardens of Plaza de España in the centre of Madrid. The work had to satisfy many of the project challenges typical of historical contexts without forgetting… Read more »

Top 10 Landmark BMW Models Photographed by Erik Chmil

BMW Group has teamed up with LUMAS for a memorable project rolling out the fascinating history of some of the Bavarian Motor Works’ most impressive and exciting models. An exclusive series of ten cars, each a landmark in the history of contemporary automobile design and a reflection of its time, have been brilliantly shot by Erik Chmil, an automobile photographer. He has captured their shape, beauty, and character from a distinctive perspectives. If you’re interested in purchasing prints in different sizes of the above posters, head on to LUMAS website. [© Erik Chmil, BMW Edition, www.lumas.com] [Via LUMAS]

Stunning Photorealistic Paintings by Jason de Graaf

Don’t be mistaken, these are not photographs, in fact, they’re not even remotely related to anything digitally rendered. Canadian artist Jason de Graaf  has created these acrylic hyper realistic paintings from still photos. De Graaf told Poets & Artists magazine that his paintings are about creating the ‘illusion of verisimilitude’, filtered through his own vision of the world. “Though I use photographs as the image source, my goal is not to reproduce of document faithfully what I see, but to create an illusion of depth and sense of presence not found in photographs,” he said. “Many of my paintings are about the… Read more »

First Contact

A priceless reaction caught on the little girls face looking up surprised to discover a new form of life. The girl and the Manatee each staring curiously at each other, in an introduction that doesn’t usually happen except with barriers in between. The superb image was taken by Christopher Wright of CMGW Photography on May 8, 2012 in Orlando, Florida, US, using a Canon EOS 50D.

Hong Kong in a Morning by Michail Vorobyev

A breathtaking view of Victoria harbor in early morning hours showing the light rays penetrating the thick gloomy layer of clouds over the Hong Kong skyline on the way to Lamma island. Snapped by photographer Michail Vorobyev, the image shows amazing contrast of colors over one of the most loved harbors in the world. The harbor is one of Hong Kong’s greatest assets, a jewel that people marvel at, no matter how many times they visit the city. People travel from all over the world to see and admire it.

Stadiums of Euro 2012 [photo gallery]

Today is the kick-off of the European Cup of Football (EURO 2012) which is jointly hosted by Poland and Ukraine. We’ve compiled a picture gallery of the venues where the games are played. 8 cities and 8 stadiums, some new, some renovated, but for sure stunning.

Daily Mail’s Top 10 Google Earth Images

British Daily Mail selected the 10 most amazing Google Earth snapshots voted by visitors of Stratoscam website, a site created by Paul Rademacher, an ex-Dreamworks and Google employee. It’s the first online source of mashed images from Google’s satellites.

Color Psychology for Interior Spaces [infographic]

An interesting infographic developed by NowSourcing.com for CertaPro Painters of Louisville, shows how the colors of an interior space can have a direct impact on triggering specific emotions and evoking senses. The Psychology of Color explores what colors should and should not be used in interior decorating, and why certain colors are used in advertising. According to the infographic, offices should be painted blue, as it is the “most productive color”. Living rooms should be painted lavender, to calm the nerves and offer relaxation. Kitchens should be painted yellow, as it increases metabolism, and gives you energy. Also red: “evokes strong emotion, encourages appetite, passion… Read more »

The Blue Dragon by Steve Richards, Rendered or Real?

This stunning photograph that looks more like a computer generated render was shot by Steven Richards on a flight from Cardiff, UK to Faro, Portugal. The photo generated plenty of debate about its authenticity, Richards assures it’s real, he explains the bright blue color of the water is because of the reflection of the sky and the cast shadows on the terrain are of the clouds; that’s what gives this image it’s allure housing a mix of nature’s best colors.

Vivid Sydney 3D Mapping Time Lapse by Ian Waldie

The city of Sydney, Australia was transformed into a light show and music celebration at the Vivid Sydney festival in May 2012. Ian Waldie has created this beautiful time lapse video showing some of the spectacular light installations on iconic Sydney buildings. Sydney was once again transformed into a spectacular canvas of light, music and ideas when Vivid Sydney took over the city after dark from 25 May 2012. This time lapse piece was shot over a few nights, showing just some of the amazing light installations at Vivid this year. Coloring the city with creativity and inspiration, Vivid Sydney highlights include the hugely popular immersive light… Read more »

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