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Expressive & Colorful Illustrations for the 2012 London Olympics

Yahoo! has teamed up with Greece-based graphic and visual designer Charis Tsevis to produce a new theme for Yahoo’s website Olympics coverage. The work created is just drool-worthy, full of colors and positive energy. Tsevis made three images for three different sports (diving, gymnastics and running) with an extra image for running to represent celebration and victory.

Global City by Deck Two

Deck Two recently accomplished an amazing art project in one of the rehabilitated warehouses in New York. The project, named “Global City”, was made for a shipping company looking for some creative artwork to cover up and decorate a huge blank wall area at their office space’s kitchen. The Drawings are all done using a black pencil marker in an anamorphic technique, which requires the viewer to stand at a specific point to get the overall perspectives. Global City blows your mind away with its simplicity of implementation that produced an extremely detailed and creative product. The cartoon-like canvas illustrates a… Read more »

Toy Eiffel Tower

This beautiful photograph of The Eiffel Tower in the French capital Paris was taken by photographer Mohamed Khalil El Mahrsi , in May 2012. Using a Sony DSLR-α230, he then added a tilt-shift effect using Photoshop, which achieved a miniature-like feel of a toy or an architectural model. The picture, snapped at sunset, carries the perfect balance of highlights and shadows that gives it a heart-warming feeling. Paris is a city thats considered one of the most elegant and intriguing for a photographer’s eye and it takes a talented one to bring out the best of it.

What Happens in an Internet Minute [infographic]

In the begining of 2012 Intel released this interesting infographic explaining what happens on the internet per minute of time. The mega scale of information exchange is no surprise to any present day web user, especially with the rise of social networking integration in all types of online activities – yet the numbers shown by the graphic below are tremendous. In just one minute online more than 204 million emails are sent. Amazon collects about $83,000 in sales. Around 20 million photos are viewed and 3,000 uploaded on Flickr. At least 6 million Facebook pages are viewed around the world. More than… Read more »

Superhero Frozen Popsicles

Dutch-based designer Chung Kong has merged his two favorite things in the world together: Ice Pops and Superheros, within an illustrative set entitled Superhero Ice Pops Universe. In his poster series, some of our favorite superheroes, such as Iron Man, Batman, Hellboy, Spiderman, and Wonder Woman, are imagined as frozen lollies. I can only think of one thing now, how would each one of them uniquely taste?! You can buy these superhero lolly prints here.

Statues of the Louvre Dressed Up as Modern-Day Hipsters

Greek gods wearing Ray Bans, Montaigne in khakis! Well this is just a part of the outcome of Paris-based graphic designer Alexis Persani and photographer Leo Caillard, photo-manipulation set.  Photographs of the statues were made by the photographer at the Louvre, clothes photographed in the studio, then using Photoshop software the outfits were montaged professionally on the marble statues. The results are so stunningly realistic, you can almost think they were actually dressed up for the session. As stated by the artists, the aim of the approach is ” to catch the eye of the beholder by the marriage of two worlds so different”.

Islamic Cairo – Episode IV: A Glimpse Inside Sultan Al-Zahir Barqouq Mosque

Egypt-based photographer Ahmad Ghonaim, previously featured on our blog through his “Islamic Cairo” photo shoots, has sent us his latest image gallery of Sultan Al-Zahir Barqouq Mosque located in Al-Moez Li-Din Allah Street, Old Cairo, Egypt. The facility was built in the Mamluk dynasty, between the years 1384 and 1386, and designed by architect Shihab al Din Ahmad ibn Muhammad al Tuluni. The Mosque is a complete educational complex, comprising a funerary hall and a school, along with the praying hall. This complex demonstrates a then-newly developed architectural style, with its marble paneling, bronze-plate doors, molded stone ornament, and elaborately worked minaret,… Read more »

It Would Cost You $680 Million to Become a Real Batman! Find Out Why

If you’ve ever wished as a kid to become Batman, this actually isn’t easy as the price tag on turning you into the caped knight is quite hefty. Just days after the premiere of the cap of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, moneysupermarket.com has created this interesting infographic, listing the price of everything needed for the role, from the periscope to his butler Alfred’s salary, take a look and start saving up…

Architecture of the 2012 London Olympics Photographed by Edmund Sumner

British photographer Edmund Sumner has put together a photo gallery documenting the architecture of the London Olympic village ahead of the start of the 2012 games. The set photographs buildings including the Aquatics Center by Zaha Hadid, Handball Arena by Make, Velodrome by Hopkins Architects, the Olympic stadium and Olympic village.

The Luxury “Ciel de Paris” Restaurant by Noé Duchaufour Lawrance

French designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance has designed the interior of the Ciel de Paris (Sky of Paris) restaurant, located in the center of the city on the 56th floor of the Montparnasse Tower, the highest building in Paris, overlooking the Eiffel tower and spanning over an area of 400 square meters. Warm lighting glows out from behind the circular mirrors covering the ceiling, as well as around the edges of the room and from beneath the curved central bar. Chairs designs by feature smooth grey resin and fibreglass shells with orange leather linings. Description from the designer’s website: Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance has designed a soft and profound… Read more »

New Banksy Artwork Appears Just in Time for the London Olympics

A couple of new street artworks by Banksy popped up on the streets of London on Monday, just 3 days before the debut of the 2012 Olympics games hosted by the city. The England-based graffiti artist, known for his political activism, has decided not to admit to the warnings sent out by the city authorities after the later vowed on cleaning up the walls of the city before the games start. Banksy, who once stated “We can’t do anything to change the world until capitalism crumbles”, clearly describes his opinion regarding the sports event through these artistically expressive new pieces.  You can know more about… Read more »

Silhouette by Alexander Khokhlov

Artist and photographer Alexander Khokhlov took this brilliant photo entitled “Silhouette”, as a part of project “Weird Beauty”. Model Alexandra Romanova pauses to face-paint artist Valeriya Kutsan, where the face portrait is painted half black and half white, and the black half resembles a side view outline of the face it lies within, creating an illusion of choice depending on what color you’re looking at. You can see more of Khokhlov’s work on his 500px profile.

Lake Austin House by Lake|Flato Architects

Located in Austin, Texas, this house takes a different yet unique design approach. Designed by Lake|Flato Architects, it’s focused around a man-made canal extended from Austin’s Colorado River, the residence is compromised of a series of structures and outdoor spaces that create a secluded riverside complex. Limestone walls shield the house on its narrow site from neighbors, once passed, a 60 meter-long (200 feet) boardwalk runs the length of the site, adjacent to the canal, leading to the main living room structure.  Along this path is a number of smaller wooden cottage-like buildings that contain the bedrooms and study and are grouped to form smaller courtyard… Read more »

Miniature Spain Time Lapse Video by Joerg Daiber

If you’ve enjoyed the previously posted time lapse videos of Kiev, Ukraine and Lisbon, Portugal, then you just might like this one too. Photographer and filmmaker Joerg Daiber of Spoonfilm, created this attractive miniature-like tilt-shift video of Spain using tilt-shift effect, shot in locations around Seville, Madrid and El Chorro. [More posts about Spain here] Related Images:

Lord of the Rings Silhouetted Illustrations by Marcus Mok

A couple of months ago we featured the work of Malaysia-based graphic designer, Marcus Mok‘s Super Heroes Silhouettes, if you’ve liked it, you just might enjoy his simple yet creative vintage Lord of the Rings posters. The series of works, which are available in Mok’s Etsy shop Poster Inspired, features the trilogy of the famous novel simply presented with a bi-color graphic pen on stained background, and will cost you $40 for the whole set.

40 Images from the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2012

Judges will soon be selecting the winners for the 24th annual National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest for 2012, but voting doesn’t end until Friday, July 20, at 9 a.m. The Atlantic shared these photographs with permission from National Geographic, gathered from four categories: Travel Portraits, Outdoor Scenes, Sense of Place, and Spontaneous Moments.

Cube Street Art in Olsztyn, Poland

We recently featured a piece of street art by Adam Łokuciejewski and Szymon Czarnowski of two scared electric boxes. Well this time, Adam sent us his latest piece in Olsztyn, Poland, named “Cube“, he describes it as a geometric abstraction concept. The 3-surface “cube” is integrated within a rusty dented surface, creating a 3D illusion on the metal plane with a synthetic, minimal form and a little artificial perspective.

Blurry Summer Oil on Canvas Paintings of the City by Philip Barlow

A cool and soothing vibe I got this morning after stumbling upon these sweet photo-realistic Oil Paintings. The City at a bright moment during a sunny warm day with the blur of people and cars moving through the streets. By Philip Barlow, a South African painter from Cape Town, who believes in exploring illuminated moments within our seemingly ordinary lives. Barlow captures the soft focus effect perfectly in these paintings adding to it the glare of light that fascinating to the artist, and its effect on different surfaces, especially the abstraction of forms often generated by both natural and artificial lighting.

Awesome 3D Street Art of The Dark Knight Rises in Madrid

The new Batman movie,  Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises – The Legend Ends“ opens Friday, 20 July 2012 in the US and UK, and in efforts to promote the film, this awesome 3D street art has been unveiled in Madrid, Spain. If you’ve enjoyed previous 3D street art posts here, than this one is definitely a treat for you. Now lets sit back and watch Warner Brother impress us with what’s expected to be an epic Dark Knight movie and the cap of Nolan’s trilogy. 

Hungary’s Thick Red Line by Palíndromo Mészáros

In October 2010, the small town of  Ajka, Veszprém County, in western Hungary, witnessed an environmental disaster that is considered the worst in the country’s history. The bearing wall of a reservoir dam of the aluminium factory collapsed, freeing approximately one million cubic meters (35 million cubic feet) of toxic liquid sludge forming lakes of red mud. The mud was released as a 1–2 meters high (3–7 ft) wave, flooding several surrounding localities. Nine people died, and 122 people were injured in the accident. Spanish photographer Palíndromo Mészáros documented the effects of the massive spill through this set of photographs entitled “The Line”. Where a thick line of… Read more »

Morning in Valley

A breathtaking photograph, entitled “Morning in Valley“, snapped on 15 July 2012, by photographer Hai Thinh in Bac Ha Valley in Lang Son Province, northern Vietnam. Bac Ha, a quiet corner of the country with a population of 148,000 inhabitants, is a tourist-attracting location for it’s rich green nature and extraordinary scenery of  karstic limestone mountains and valleys. The photograph spreads a heartwarming feeling of optimism, with a spectacular balance between color saturation and contrast. It was taken using a Nikon DS3 with 24-120mm lens and has already made it to the top of the popular images list on 500px.com. This definitely was a Good Morning.

Fairy-Tale-Like Landscape Architecture by Charles Jencks

American architectural theorist, landscape architect and designer Charles Jencks is the brilliant mind behind this fabulous flight of stairs, located in the Garden of Cosmic Speculation in Scotland. The stairs have 25 landings that mark the important shifts in cosmic history. Starting at the top, in the present day, and descending down, visitors are moving through 13 billion years of cosmic evolution. The steps finally disappear into the dark water below, which represents the mystery of the origin of the universe. Born on 21 June 1939 in Baltimore, he has surely made him self a respected reputation in the field of landscape architecture, he now divides his time… Read more »

Mind-Blowing Slingshot Animations around San Francisco [video]

GIF animated images haven’t been ever as good as these slingshot animations of San Francisco. These animated images are part of a music video recently directed by Kevin Parry and shot by Andrea Nesbitt for singer Kalle Matson. The slingshot and orbit effects are achieved through some simple visual techniques and minimal number of frames. The following images are heavy animated GIF images that might take a few seconds to load properly, but are definitely worth it The creators described the process in an email sent to Colossal, as follow: The zooms are done by setting up a camera at each end location and filming the camera zooming in and… Read more »

Genius Photorealistic Pencil Drawings of Cats

Artist Paul Lung, a 41 year old graphic designer from Hong Kong, is very well known for his striking talent in pencil drawings, has lately created a breathtaking set of cat portraits, you don’t need to be a cat lover to appreciate these sketches. The level of details reached to render the feline furry creature is outstanding, with the perfect amount of shades and sharpness. The clarity achieved in the cats eyes are lively and realistic. Taking on average anywhere between 40 to 60 hours to complete just one piece, Lung is all about the details. Surprisingly, he solely relies on his trusty mechanical pencil… Read more »

Frank Gehry’s BP Pedestrian Bridge in Millennium Park, Chicago

The infamous Frank Gehry strikes with his latest creation and first bridge design ever, the BP Pedestrian Bridge near the Pritzker Pavilion, connecting Millennium Park to Daley Bicentennial Plaza, east of the park, this 280 meters-long (925 feet) winding bridge provides incomparable views of the Chicago skyline, Grant Park and Lake Michigan. Clad in brushed stainless steel panels, the BP Bridge adds to the Pritzker Pavilion in function as well as design by creating an acoustic barrier from the traffic noise of the streets beyond. It also has a 5% slope to allow easy access for people who are physically challenged…. Read more »

Casa Vale do Lobo by Arqui+ in The Algarve, Portugal

Casa Vale do Lobo, a contemporary villa within a golf course in The Algarve in southern Portugal, that offers an incredible trend of design and a unique experience of living. Designed by architect Vasco Vieira of Arqui + Arquitectura, the house is a transparent U-shape structure with a central court and an elevated pool that cantilevers over the landscape and over flows creating a stunning water fall fountain. The suspended pool opens up vision across the courtyard maximizing the usage of the space available. The house sports 5 main bedrooms, an indoor pool and spa. The main living spaces of the villa have been developed… Read more »

US Navy Nuclear Super Aircraft Carrier Performs Crazy Skidding Over the Atlantic

The photo was taken last Sunday, July 8, from an airplane flying over the Atlantic Ocean. The USS Harry S. Truman is conducting sea trials in collaboration with Norfolk Naval Shipyard to train Sailors and ensure operability of equipment and systems while at sea. In the shot, the aircraft carrier is attempting a turn in the water, where it’s ramped up to full power and then the rudder is  pushed to make it turn, it’s like a car skid. Everything on the deck has to be tightly secured for this operation. Otherwise it would fall off into the water. That sort of turn usually… Read more »

A Visit to El Mandara Ecolodge in Fayoum, Egypt

In February we featured the launch of El Mandara Ecolodge by Lake Qarun in Fayoum, Egypt, a project owned by a group of friends that decided to take their chances in starting a new hope towards sustainability in dire straits times for Egypt. The getaway had a great launch and have seen plenty of progress in reputation building. With the weather in Egypt warming up for a hot summer, we packed our bags and headed southwest of Cairo for a personal visit over at the little lodge by the lake. After about 40 minutes of driving on the highway and another… Read more »

Origami Shadow Portraits by Kumi Yamashita

American Express teamed up with artist Kumi Yamashita to create a unique art for their Tribeca, New York office lobby. 22 employees were picked to participate and Yamashita then took pictures of them and formed these origami dents on construction paper pieces. Using a perfect light source and direction, the paper will eventually reveal shadows that looks like the actual faces. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to see this artwork in person, because of building security, you can only view the artwork if you are an Amex employee or doing business with Amex. In other words, it’s not available to the general public. More… Read more »

3D Illusion Sketches by Nagai Hideyuki

Today we came along these mind-blowing sketches by Japanese artist Nagai Hideyuki, 21. The 3D illustrations looks so realistic, once viewed from the right angle, they seem to leap out of the sketchbook before your very eyes. The artist demonstrates the kind of sophisticated art involved to create these 3D images using just a pencil, along with the right amount of lighting, shading, and anamorphosis.

Reflections of La Défense, Paris by Philipp Klinger

Frequently referred to as the world’s most beautiful city, Paris has stunning architecture and intriguing  landscapes that make it unlike any other place in the world. It takes a talented photographer to capture the city in ways that haven’t been done before. German photographer Philipp Klinger snapped this glamorous photo entitled “Blade Runner” of the reflection of high rise towers at “La Defense”, Paris’s financial district, showing the modern and fast pace side of the French capital. The picture was shot using a Nikon D700, carrying the perfect balance of highlights and shadows for a long exposure shot. Check out more of Klinger’s work on his… Read more »

Street Art by Adam Łokuciejewski & Szymon Czarnowski in Olsztyn, Poland

A very simple yet expressive street art in the city of  Olsztyn, Poland by Adam Łokuciejewski and Szymon Czarnowski.  The artists animated two electric boxes as terrified beings hugging each other out of worry and fear. The simple stick-man style of lines is what gave it a cartoonish feel. It’s true that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

REBIRTH – A Contemporary Table from Portugal by Meik Studio

A interesting and fresh design of a multifunction table named REBIRTH. Designed by Meik Studio of Portugal, the table adapts to the space it’s placed within, and can easily function as a central and support table, or a bedside night stand. Its manufactured out of ebony wood and stands on organic-shaped aluminum supports. Here’s the designer’s description: Inspired by the desire of changing the human being, the changes that we submit, in happiness and sadness of these changes comes the new exclusive piece of meikstudio, a table inspired by the act of rebirth, the simplicity of the act of wanting to be different. Here’s what inspired us to create the REBIRTH table, a table that becomes what you want, a support table, a bedside table, a table with various functionalities, capable of adapting itself to reinterpret the space where it is . The grace with which… Read more »

Football Superstars Cartoon Illustrations by Stanely Chow

The European continent has just wrapped up its Football Cup of Nations that was jointly hosted by Ukraine and Poland, and ended in crowning Spain as the champion, arguably setting a new world record of winning 3 major tournaments in a row. Yet, all of us have enjoyed seeing our favorite footballers showing off their skills and tricks, and compete in one of the strongest championships of our present day. For this occasion I’d like to share with you some vintage cartoon illustrations of the world’s best players by Stanely Chow. The Manchester-based artist thinks that Pirlo was the player of the tournament,… Read more »

Shelving the Body by Darragh Casey

Art and furniture student Darragh Casey exhibited a series of photographs of an installation he created called Shelving the Body, at Central Saint Martins 2012 Degree Show. Focusing on the shelves in our daily lives and how our personalities interact with our belongings. The simple and well designed idea is inspired by his father, who used each moment of boredom as a chance to build and put up another shelf on the wall. Do not even try to understand the practicability of this project, but instead try to appreciate its oddity and playfulness. The resulting photos are not so bad either.

Roma In Miniatura by Andrea Dorliguzzo

These impressive aerial images of Rome, Italy by Andrea Dorliguzzo, are quite the decieving shots, that could be misinterepreted as a miniature model of the city. The illusion is achieved by an effect called tilt-shift using special tilt-lenses, other shooting techniques or can be done with the help of Photoshop. The miniature-like photographs are taken from a high angle to give the feeling of looking down at a small model.

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