Islamic Cairo - Episode IV: Sultan Al-Zahir Barqouq Mosque

Islamic Cairo – Episode IV: A Glimpse Inside Sultan Al-Zahir Barqouq Mosque

Egypt-based photographer Ahmad Ghonaim, previously featured on our blog through his “Islamic Cairo” photo shoots, has sent us his latest image gallery of Sultan Al-Zahir Barqouq Mosque located in Al-Moez Li-Din Allah Street, Old Cairo, Egypt. The facility was built in the Mamluk dynasty, between the years 1384 and 1386, and designed by architect Shihab al Din Ahmad ibn Muhammad al Tuluni.

The Mosque is a complete educational complex, comprising a funerary hall and a school, along with the praying hall. This complex demonstrates a then-newly developed architectural style, with its marble paneling, bronze-plate doors, molded stone ornament, and elaborately worked minaret, was to set the tone for Cairo’s architectural decoration between 1400 and 1450.

[All Photographs by Ahmad Ghonaim for]


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  • JustLikeAmmy

    It’s like what hipster photography would have looked like if the ancients had cameras.

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