Global City by Deck Two

Global City by Deck Two

Deck Two recently accomplished an amazing art project in one of the rehabilitated warehouses in New York. The project, named “Global City”, was made for a shipping company looking for some creative artwork to cover up and decorate a huge blank wall area at their office space’s kitchen. The Drawings are all done using a black pencil marker in an anamorphic technique, which requires the viewer to stand at a specific point to get the overall perspectives.

Global City blows your mind away with its simplicity of implementation that produced an extremely detailed and creative product. The cartoon-like canvas illustrates a city compromised of well-known attractions and iconic landmarks of the world’s most famous capitals, all merged together into one fictional skyline. From the Petronas Towers of Malaysia and the Taipei 101 Tower in Taiwan, to the Eiffel tower, London bridge and Rome’s Colosseum in Europe; and more – all sharing one river bank. An extraordinary free-hand sketching skill that just melt your heart, and a city I’d definitely would love to visit if it was real.  Would you say no to a kitchen like that? I simply wouldn’t!

Watch the video of the making:

[Source: Deck]

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  • Nige 560

    wish i could have contributed to the wall….

  • Nancy

    I want to make it at my home….any tips?

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