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Superhero Credit Cards by Money Supermarket

If you ever wondered what a superhero credit card might look like, Money Supermarket – the makers of  “The cost of being Batman infographic” – has created a selection of fictional crime fighting credit cards designs that you’ll just want to have. Take a look below…

20 Artworks with Smart Use of Negative Space by Tang Yau Hoong

Malaysian visual artist & graphic designer Tang Yau Hoong is a master of negative space art, he successfully attempts to tell a story through his illustrations. The technique in negative space artwork focuses on using the empty spaces around the subject of an image, a concept that’s used in all forms of artwork including photography and logo design. An artist can form two separate messages out of a single artwork. The first meaning is in the subject of the image while the other evolves out of the negative space. Here are 20 of Hoong’s best work + 2 Bonus images:

Practice Makes Perfect – The 10000 Hours Rule [infographic]

The secret of mastering a skill or craft is never talent or innate genius alone, it’s always practice and hard work that gets you to the place your ambitions dream about. Here’s an interesting infographic developed by NowSourcing.com and presented by Zintro, it explains that having years (and thousands of hours) of dedicated focus and practice within a specific niche is obviously highly valuable and allows a person to have a unique, proprietary perspective on that niche and a highly valuable experience. But how many hours is “enough” to achieve expertise status? One take on the subject was Malcolm Gladwell’s in the book Outliers… Read more »

Weird Beauty by Alexander Khokhlov

A few weeks ago we featured the teaser image of project Weird Beauty by photographer Alexander Khokhlov. Recently more imagery from the project started surfacing on the photographer’s  500px profile. Model Alexandra Romanova stands once again to face-paint-artist Valeriya Kutsan for some abstract and geometric bi-color illustrations.

Vertical Expansion

Tonight’s Picture of the Day comes from the rising Chinese commercial hub, Shanghai, taken by photographer Toffiloff using  a Canon EOS 5D Mark II, the image photographs downtown Shanghai in a monochrome tone that delivers a feeling of comfort and calmness to a relitavely hyperactive city. It was snapped from the top of the World Financial Center (492.0 meters – The 4th tallest tower in the world) looking down at the rest of the Pudong peninsula including the Jin Mao Tower (421 meters – The 9th tallest tower in the world) and the Yangtze River. Fantastic shot! [Photographer’s Flickr profile]

An Illustrative Tribute to Neil Armstrong

A couple of days ago the world has lost American astronaut Neil Armstrong, who made “one giant leap for mankind”, becoming the first person to walk on the Moon. in July 1969, Armstrong and fellow astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins blasted off in Apollo 11 on a nearly 250,000-mile journey to the moon that went down in the history books. They were on the moon’s surface for two hours and a half. Armstrong passed away at age 82 due to complications from a recent heart surgery. Graphic designer Nico Encarnacion, 21, based in South Korea, created this sweet tribute in memory of Armstrong. He… Read more »

Realistically Stunning Ballpoint Pen Portrait by Samuel Silva

Take a brief moment to look thoroughly at this image, no, it’s not a photograph. Once you come to realize that this is a painting, you might also like to know that it was drawn using a bic ballpoint pen only, and involved high sketching and detailing skills. This amazing portrait was drawn by 29-year-old Portugal-based attorney Samuel Silva -he practices art as just a “hobby”- based on a photograph by Russian photographer Kristina Tararina. Silva’s medium of choice is standard Bic ballpoint pens on paper and this particular portrait uses eight different colors, taking just around 30 hours to complete. You can see more… Read more »

Point of View by Christopher Hassler

Stunning perspective in this pair of images by German photographer Christopher Hassler shot in a tunnel using a fisheye lens, a clever idea of abstract photography. See more of his work over on Facebook.

Montrose House by SAOTA

A Stunning hill-side dream home designed by Cape Town-based studio SAOTA – Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects named the Montrose house, it was completed in 2010. This contemporary home is located in Cape Town, South Africa. Here are some images and description from the designers:  “High on the ridge of Bishopscourt in Cape Town, this unique site resulted from the demolition of an existing house. The site was divided by the existing driveway, which rose steeply from the end of the cul-de-sac below. The new building’s form, perched as it is in a commanding position, was perceived from the outset to be a pavilion… Read more »

The World’s 10 Most Corrupt Countries

Corruption is the plague of living being, a disease that every society suffers from to a certain extent and may affect an individual directly or indirectly. It is defined as the impairment of integrity, virtue, or moral principle; in one way or another a person or a corporation either benefits through unfair means from a certain advantage or is hindered due rights, resulting in social and economical oppression, some leading to nations collapsing. Transparency international – a coalition against global corruption – has populated their annual list of corruption index for 182 countries world wide. The index draws on assessments and opinion… Read more »

Bourgogne Barn House Transformation by Joséphine Gintzburger

In the region of Bourgogne (Burgundy) in central France, designer Joséphine Gintzburger has undertaken a mission to transform a countryside barn into a present-day modern crib. Her concept was to deliver a Mediterranean interior with an industrial rustic feel to it. By blending elements like concrete, aged oak beams, chandeliers, modern art, having exposed ceilings and newly created mezzanine levels to house the private areas of the residence, the end result  turned out to be magnificent and heartwarming. Here are some images of the results from the designer

National Museum of Afghanistan by RMC Architects & Engineers

The Afghan capital Kabul has been set to house a brand new cultural and historical hub, The National Museum of Afghanistan (NMA). A new building that’s been up for grabs through an international architectural competition hosted by the Afghan Ministry of Information and Culture. The competition is a one stage ideas contest aiming to generate design proposals for an architectural master plan and detailed building design for the site, that will sport the new national museum, the old museum and an archaeological center. The deadline for submissions ended in June and a decision is being currently made by the judicial committee to pick the wining proposal. One of… Read more »

NYC Skyline Over the Years (1876-2013)

This great photographic composition highlights the changes underwent to the New York City skyline in the past 137 years, the Manhattan city-scape is often hailed as having one of the greatest skylines in the world (other candidates include Hong Kong, Chicago and Singapore) and it’s interesting to see how it once looked back in the late 1800′s. From the city’s early immigration days, passing through the era of the Great Depression, then the old World Trade Center twin towers (where the 9/11 memorial is now located) and ending up in 2013 with the new One World Trade Center joining the silhouette… Read more »

10 Winners of the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest for 2012

Decisions have been made for the 24th annual National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest and the winners have just been announced, with a group of ten photos coming out on top, plus one Viewer’s Choice winner. A total of eleven images were chosen from more than 12,000 entries submitted by 6,615 photographers from 152 countries covering four categories: Travel Portraits, Outdoor Scenes, Sense of Place, and Spontaneous Moments. Also, be sure to see the earlier entry featuring 40 finalists images from the submissions to this year’s contest. 1- A Japanese maple, by Fred An, one of seven Merit winners. “This is the great Japanese maple tree in the Portland… Read more »

13 Amazing Tilt-Shift Photographs at The London Olympics

The 2012 London Olympics have just wrapped up their shows in one of the most memorable games in the history of the competition. Over a period of two weeks thousands of atheletes have been seen seen leaping, racing, and battling in stadiums and tracks. Photographers had the chance of bringing out the best of their talents in such a rich field for photography, one of my favorite methods used snaps images using a miniature effect known as Tilt-Shift. It is a type of photography that uses a special lens to create a shallow depth of field, and make the subjects of a photo… Read more »

Government Budgets: Education vs Military Spending [infographic]

Each country has its own spending needs that vary with the priorities of the size of the population, age of the population and political involvements of that country. Some of the largest expenditures of governments are the military, health care and education. At a time when cutbacks are being made across the world in order to reduce countries deficits and attempt to stop the world slipping back further into recession, there is the concern about how countries actually spend their money. How do they decide what sectors receive the most money? Each country decides what is important in relation to its size,… Read more »

Infinity Loop Bridge

10 Design + Buro Happold‘s design proposal is the winner for creating a gateway entry to south China’s new planned commercial hub in the Shizimen Business District of Zhuha, Infinity Loop Bridge. The new mega-structure provides incredible views of the Shizimen Canal to the Pearl River Delta. The winning bridge scheme proposes an undulating ribbon of structure that wraps around the 6 lane road deck in a continuous sculptural loop form. At low levels the loop cradles the road deck, with the structural ribbon then soaring upwards to create 2 triangulated arch forms. These triangular gateways, one primary and one secondary, support the road deck over 2… Read more »

Usain Bolt Projected on the Houses of Parliament in London

For tonight’s Picture of the Day, here’s an image of the 100 meters world record holder, Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt projected on the Houses of Parliament in London last night. Bolt, 26, widely known as the fastest man ever, is the first man to hold both the 100 meters and 200 meters world records. He just snatched another gold medal in the Men’s 100 meters Final, with a new world record of 9.63 seconds, breaking his own previous record. More on our 2012 London Olympics urban coverage here.

Eye-Opening Olympic Rings Graphs by Gustavo Sousa

In-time for the 2012 London Olympics, artist Gustavo Sousa created a series of interesting and awakening statistical graphs showing several global and social inequalities using the rings of the Olympics logo and the continent each ring represents.  The set, entitled “Oceania europe americas africa asia“, illustrates roughly estimated statistics about the five continents by changing the size of each ring proportionally. (Oceania: blue, Europe: Black, Americas: Red, Africa: yellow, Asia: green).

Photo Opportunities: Painting-Like Photography by Corinne Vionnet

Millions of people around the world, while travelling, take the same pictures from the same spot with the same angle. Is it because we are already influenced by the images we’ve seen before in travel guides, booklets, internet and friends’ albums? Is the known image a prove of a trip to us or are we just trying to reproduce an image of an image? Swiss photographer Corinne Vionnet gathered a great number of tourists’ shots using keywords searches and online albums for her series Photo Opportunities.

How Information Overload is Negatively Impacting our Brains [infographic]

Neuroscience shows that our brains simply weren’t created to multitask. Yet many people continue to live hyper-connected lives, always trying to squeeze in more and more information. From your personal computer to your smart phone and tablet, most people do not recognize the importance of just switching off anything digital and taking a break! This excellent infographic by OnlineUniversities.com shows how acutely information overload affects productivity:

The Perfect Photo of the Moon at the Perfect Time Over London

The full moon rises through the Olympic Rings hanging beneath Tower Bridge during the London 2012 Olympic Games on August 3, 2012. The moon appears to have taken a perfect position as the sixth ring of the Olympics logo.

Hilariously Creative WTF? Posters by Minga

Argentina-based Minga Creative – Studio came out with a funny and creative posters idea. They called the project “WTF?” and after gaining success had to even make an addition of WTF 2. The abbreviation is usually used to express ridicule and to point out what doesn’t make sense. Minga’s posters totally reflects this meaning. 

Top 20 World’s Laziest Countries

In-time for the 2012 London Olympics, British medical magazine – The Lancet has conducted a series of studies for over 122 countries by medical journal to reveal the ones with the highest levels of inactivity in the world – in other words, which nation is the laziest in the world. The researchers concluded that a lack of exercise is now a leading cause of death, a third of people across the world do not meet the minimum activity recommendations (which is generally about 2.5 hours of moderate activity per week). The researchers point out that the publication of the studies at the time of… Read more »

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