Top 20 World's Laziest Countries

Top 20 World’s Laziest Countries

In-time for the 2012 London Olympics, British medical magazine – The Lancet has conducted a series of studies for over 122 countries by medical journal to reveal the ones with the highest levels of inactivity in the world – in other words, which nation is the laziest in the world. The researchers concluded that a lack of exercise is now a leading cause of death, a third of people across the world do not meet the minimum activity recommendations (which is generally about 2.5 hours of moderate activity per week).

The researchers point out that the publication of the studies at the time of the summer Olympics is not a coincidence. Although the world will be watching elite athletes from many countries compete in sporting events requiring tremendous training, skill, and fitness, most spectators will be quite inactive. They hope that the timing of the series, along with Olympic excitement, will give people a push into more physical action. Here’s the countdown:

20- Bhutan: 52.3% inactive

19 – South Africa: 52.4% inactive

18 – Ireland: 53.2% inactive

17 – Italy: 54.7% inactive

16 – Cyprus: 55.4% inactive

15- Turkey: 56.0% inactive

14 – Iraq: 58.4% inactive

13 – Namibia: 58.5% inactive

12 – Dominican Republic: 60.0% inactive

11 – Japan: 60.2% inactive

10 – Malaysia: 61.4% inactive

9 – United Arab Emirates: 62.5% inactive

8 – Britain: 63.3% inactive

7 – Kuwait: 64.5% inactive

6 – Micronesia: 66.3% inactive

5 – Argentina: 68.3% inactive

4 – Serbia: 68.3% inactive

3 – Saudi Arabia: 68.8% inactive

2 – Swaziland: 69.0% inactive

1 – Malta: 71.9% inactive

The U.S.A came in at the 46th spot with just over 40 percent of the population being labeled inactive. Greece was the most active with only about 15% of their population not meeting the standards.

Do you get adequate daily exercise?

[Via Yahoo, Lancet] 

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  • Juanpablo982

    Well I do not blame the arabs… so much heat , who wants to work out!!!!

  • Andreas Moser

    As somebody who used to live in Malta, I am not at all surprised that Maltese don’t get enough exercise. Here are the top 3 reasons: 

    • Rsingaby

      Great article Andreas! I wouldn’t mind to have one of these segways scooters though :)

    • Jeff Thomson

      Your arguments are silly to say the least. Your parent’s garden has more trees than Buskett woodlands, wow, talk of exaggeration!

      If it was a case of having
      too many cars then how do you explain people practicing sports
      activities in large cities where the density of cars is much higher.
      As for country land, well although Malta is one of the most dense countries in the world with 420000 pop on 316 km², still only 25% of the land is built which leaves around 237km² of countryside. Now I know this is nothing compared to your parent’s garden but still, to say there’s no country side to wonder in…Say that to the rambler’s club there. As for hunters, and contrary to the popular belief, they have regulated seasons. I know it’s difficult for you, coming from the north of Europe to understand Mediterraneans, but still, try and use your head when passing comments instead of your legs!

  • omdurmantechnique

    Was sudan surveyed,.. I don’t think so
    Kaslaannn shadeeed ya zooll

  • trish

    This is not really accurate…sorry but until you have lived in a country, you will know what its like. South Africa for one, is a very productive and hard working country. Sadly the new government is racist, lazy and corrupted. Also i dont think Britain should be in this list. If any Italy should be number one, especially for the most laziest country and highly corrupted without any ethics, especially south italy regions.Second should be Greece.

    • cosmicdust

      Did Mr. Mandela know that?

    • Constantine Athanassiou Chelio

      Hey Trish,
      Go fuck yourself you ignorant cunt:
      With Love From South Italy and Greece

      • Malteser

        Wow Constantine, you really are a piece of work.

        I don’t agree with Trish either and also think her comments are ignorant (been to Greece myself and the Greeks work crazy hours) but you are truly at the top of the arsehole pile. Think about how you come across before you make a dickhead comment like that.

        With love from Malta

        • Constantine Athanassiou Chelio

          Those comments were far more than just Ignorant and you know it so don’t patronize us and do not try to downplay it. Also, who the FUCK are you ? are you Trish’s Lawyer ? or ? Sticking with your compatriot are you ?
          If you do then you are the last person to tell me that sticking with mine makes me an arsehole. How typical of you bigot sick fucks. At least I undersign what I say, not like you Nazi’s. Again . Go fuck yourselves and wash your mouth before talking about Greece.

          • S.Bonnici

            Constantine you seem to not know how to use your brains! Trish was defending South Africa so she is probably from there while Malteser, although not having signed with her name showed you pretty well from were she is, MALTA, like myself….and proud to be. And I guess you know absolutely nothing about history to call a Maltese a Nazi. I suggest you go check the Maltese HIstory, maybe have a look at our flag and The George Cross on it. Go boy and read instead of spitting stupid sentences. As for this article it’s just bulls..t. Being inactive in sport is not being lazy. Maltese are hard working people, this resulting in many not having enough time for sports. But thank God the mentality is now changing. So I do not agree with the results here. I wish to know who were the people interviewed for these results.

            • Constantine Athanassiou Chelio

              Monsieur Bonnici,Hi

              You have said it yourself, For England and St.George…

              SO………! What you’re telling me is that,




              Essentially is the same fucking country , ISN’T IT ?

              I mean think about it…

              From what I see here there are too many Hillbilly, Redneck TRASH like yourself… AND that is why you’re all sticking together.
              So listen here homeboy, you are all the same IGNORANT MALICIOUS NAZI SHIT.
              Admit you’re a bunch of lazy fucks so suck it up, shut the fuck up and BLOW ME once more.


              • Malteser

                Since when does defending someone from being called an ‘ignorant cunt’ purely based on some uneducated statements they’ve made make me a bigot(!!??)

                Constantine, if you listened during your school history classes you might know a little bit about Malta’s history (esp. WWII) and wouldn’t have associated Malta with who they were fighting against – or lumped South Africa, Britain & Malta in the same group! Not sure if you could locate these countries on a map but I can assure you, they are separate nations.

                Btw I still stand firm in my argument that the Greeks are definitely not lazy & neither are the Maltese – not sure where this magazine got its stats from but looks questionable to me.

                And Constantine, judging by your comments eg. “Blow me”, “Redneck trash”, “lazy fucks” etc etc etc (the list goes on!), I will assume (and hope) that you’re just a 14-yr old, uneducated, nasty little upstart who’s eaten too much sugar and needs a good smack from his mum. I sure as hell hope you’re not an adult with a wife and kids. If you are, I feel very sorry for them indeed.

                • Constantine Athanassiou Chelio

                  DAMN! I like it so much when I am right, I got a HUGE hard on right now.
                  Anyone with a brain who will read all the comments will see all of us for what we really are.
                  I am not worried, you should be.

      • Radical

        I agree with you Trish is not right in her judgement. Greeks may be the most corrupt country in Europe but they are not lazy.

        • Constantine Athanassiou Chelio

          It’s very corrupt indeed and we are working on it.
          Not the most corrupt though.That is not true.
          You need to check your facts again.
          Having said that please note that of course that is not an excuse and it will never be.
          Personally I am deeply ashamed of it.I know many of my compatriots are too.

          Still, the article above discusses physical activity.
          Not Greece being structurally unsound politically.

    • Philip

      Have you lived in Italy and in Greece?
      Take your own advice.

    • Efi

      I agree with Philip about taking ur own advise! First live in that country then you can criticize. Especially when the article refers to physical inactivity. I’ve lived in the states, Greece and the U.A.E. For enough years so the the ranking of these 3 countries are correct. As for thelaziest “work related” I’m so tired of everyone picking on this country bc until u’ve lived there u shouldn’t even speak about it. We are smart enough to know that politics and reporters work together and present things in a matter that suits them best and that isn’t even close to 100% accurate

  • Gondal Junior

    Yeah sure…. get your bloody facts right.

  • Ryan Sultana

    I am from Malta and there is a very simple reason why we are no.1 most Physically Inactive people in the world.

    This survey shows physical inactivity not inactivity in general as stated by the article as ‘laziness’. Laziness is totally different.

    Malta has one of the highest working % of the population in Europe compared to Greece who has the lowest. Maybe instead of wasting time like the Greeks doing physical exercise we actually work hard.

    Our jobs are mostly not physical because we are a very small country and we focus on brain power.

    We have little or not countryside to jog in or do exercise. The places become repetitive, everyone has been to all places in Malta, it becomes boring.

    HEAT and more heat, we have a hot summer!

    I hope this explains alot

    • Josef Azzopardi

      Ryan, that is not an excuse at all… there is always time to work out ! the standard work out time is 30 minutes. don’t tell me that there is no time for even 30 minutes a day!! facts are facts! instead of building up excuses, we should be athletic, many people i know do it, so if at least one person can do it everyone can !

    • Constantine Athanassiou Chelio

      Dear Ryan
      BLOW US
      the Greeks

    • Philip

      Ryan, when was the last to time you visited Greece ?
      I suggest never.
      I am a Maltese living in Greece, and believe me the Greeks are not lazy.
      It is hot here too.

  • Me

    Malta is the smallest European state and one of the most dynamic, with dynamic hard working people. All the figures prove it. To call them lazy because they’re not physically sportive inclined in stupid and incorrect. Besides, apart from hard working they are also fun loving and know how to enjoy life to the max, as most people living there can testify. Sports is just one unpopular activity……………..your report is dum and unfounded, and downright insulting.

  • ProudMaltese.

    I am
    Maltese and proud of it. I, like most of my Maltese friends work hard day in
    day out and never complain, we make a decent living, bring up our families in
    modern high standard living, education and medical care. We Maltese have it all
    even though our land is poor and with no natural resources at all. Our country
    can boast as the fifth accessible free to all resident medical health, have
    created a dynamic and envious economy, where others are struggling! And that’s
    just the beginning and after only 40 years of independence. And you know what?
    It’s all there thanks to our hard work, perseverance and intelligence. Nobody
    ever gave us anything for free except colonial disdain and bullying from larger
    countries. Our leisure is more of being with the family, enjoying barbeques,
    our boats, fishing, cultural outings, concerts, reading and more and much more.
    Sport is by no means an absolute reference to mean something, and even less a
    necessity to a beautiful, healthy, full, happy life. Life is more than just
    sports! We still have a few crazy people who are killing themselves trying to
    be healthy though, they’re the ones that go to the doctors more often, or die
    earlier than the most of us. In fact, we Maltese can also boast of a high
    overall life expectancy. 27th out of 193.

  • halfar

    in your Maltese dreams Ann Martin, great thinkers, my foot. Lazy, overweight and dying from diabetes and can’t stop stuffing their faces unless their harbour is blocked or food sanctions are imposed.

    • LOL

      Well, I don’t know about the Maltese but with intelligent comments like yours you had better star eating something yourself, like vitamins for your brain!

  • Roi

    How can you measure this exactly? What a load of bollocks, sorry but don’t believe there is any accuracy in the stats. Also, people who decide to ‘defend’ their countries are actually doing the opposite with spiteful and idiotic statements. Any second rate article and people are on each others throats. Pfff, humans.

    • Jamie

      Spot on mate!

    • gabro

      Funny how people are quick to judge isn’t it?

  • martina

    I work out daily, nobody asked me anything about this survey so i didn’t form part of it, how were the percentages concluded? marru san vincenz???

  • j max

    l istrappaz mhux tajjeb alina xbin :P

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