Government Budgets: Education vs Military Spending [infographic]

Government Budgets: Education vs Military Spending [infographic]

Each country has its own spending needs that vary with the priorities of the size of the population, age of the population and political involvements of that country. Some of the largest expenditures of governments are the military, health care and education. At a time when cutbacks are being made across the world in order to reduce countries deficits and attempt to stop the world slipping back further into recession, there is the concern about how countries actually spend their money. How do they decide what sectors receive the most money? Each country decides what is important in relation to its size, population of the country, the age of those residing in the country and on the political involvements of the country. You would like to think that your country would spend more on Education than the likes of Warfare, and while some countries do, others place warfare spending above that of spending on health and education.

This information supplied by Visual Economics and presented through this graphic by Coupon Code highlights these priorities on some of our world’s major countries.

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  • Justin

    Another Libral lie. If you go to the original information that was collected you find that the military number also includes HEALTH CARE spending combined. Now why would you combine Military spending with Health Care spending and then liable it only as Military spending……because liberals are all liars that can’t use facts because the facts disprove everything they say.

    • Mike Defazio

      The facts prove that republicans skim billions in tax dollars every year and do not get prosecuted for it even after they admit the fraud and atrocities. Facts don’t seem to have anything to do with the bankrupt immoral majority of the right. They don’t want welfare but want to stop funding for planned parenthood? You can’t have it both ways. Did you know that more “viable” fetuses are thrown to the wayside at fertility clinics than all abortions combined. They throw away an average of 8 for every one they decide will be the healthiest or correct gender. Why is it you never see anyone picket those clinics? That is where all the killing is going on if you think that a fetus has any rights over a independently living human being. It seems if you are rich than you as a woman actually have rights to your own body.

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