National Museum of Afghanistan by RMC Architects & Engineers

National Museum of Afghanistan by RMC Architects & Engineers

Masterplan Aerial Shot

The Afghan capital Kabul has been set to house a brand new cultural and historical hub, The National Museum of Afghanistan (NMA). A new building that’s been up for grabs through an international architectural competition hosted by the Afghan Ministry of Information and CultureThe competition is a one stage ideas contest aiming to generate design proposals for an architectural master plan and detailed building design for the site, that will sport the new national museum, the old museum and an archaeological center. The deadline for submissions ended in June and a decision is being currently made by the judicial committee to pick the wining proposal.

One of the significant design proposals was submitted by Cairo-based firm RMC (Raafat Miller Consulting), their concept primarily aims at representing the heritage and the people of Afghanistan through a practical, innovative and enduring physical plan that provides a clear and simple organization for visitors to follow a natural progress through the site. This is accomplished by using a spacial concept where visitors are led through a sequence of visual and physical experiences drawing them to the next encounter. Here are more images and the architect’s description:

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RMC shall create a museum that will accommodate and attract regional and international visitors, further develop and enhance Afghanistan’s cultural programs, strengthen the community by ensuring that the facilities will reflect the unique heritage, culture and architecture of Afghanistan and is multifunctional, including additional facilities such as meeting rooms, event space and dining facilities incorporate environmentally sustainable design.

Our solution lies in enhancing operational efficiency, protecting the resources of the city, providing a comfortable and safe experience for visitors, delivering Flexible, high quality facilities that will follow international building codes and standards and stick to the highest par of accepted guidelines for museums.

Building Elevations

Building Elevations

The building concept has been derived from the rugged and mountainous Afghan landscape. The following images represent the progression of the design mass:









We understand that the NMA will probably require between 8-10 galleries. Together with the Museum we would define the main themes, sub-themes and messages, helping to interpret these for the different audience segments targeted. This will allow us to focus on the selection of artifacts and the physical development of the exhibits that communicate these messages.

Basement Floor PlanBasement Floor Plan
Ground Floor PlanGround Floor Plan

Upon entering the Museum you are greeted by a grand hall. The temporary museum and the automobile display will be found on your right. To the left is the permanent display and Phase II extensions.

Mezzanine Level PlanMezzanine Level Plan
Storage Floor ConceptStorage Concept Plan
Exhibition Concept

Building Sections

The architecture and landscape of Afghanistan are filled with deep and rugged textures which relates to the life of the Afghan people. We have taken this texture and used it on our facade walls.

We will keep you posted as soon as a decision is being made on the wining design. In the meantime, let us know what you think of RMC’s proposal for the NMA in the below comments section.

Owner:  Ministry of Information and Culture – Afghanistan
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Architect: RMC – Rafaat Miller Consultants
Lead designer: Mostafa Fouda
Year: 2012
[Renders via RMC]
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    awesome architecture and thinking and concepts by the makers. Its really a great piece of work.

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