Overly Exhausted People Caught Falling Asleep in Tokyo

Overly Exhausted People Caught Falling Asleep in Tokyo

Japan is known for being the hardest working nation on earth. A fact that appeared clearly in many historical situations, the latest of which was the 2011 tsunami and earthquake that hit the Japanese islands, a catastrophe that was considered the toughest to hit the country. Yet, the Japanese people dedicated two extra unpaid hours of work daily to their nation to help boost the recovery process. All the respect to the people of Japan.

The unpleasant side of people working too much is exhaustion, and from the looks of the following photos, these folks are overly exhausted with work to the extent that it makes them fall asleep literally anywhere! The series, entitled Let the Poets Cry Themselves to Sleep by Tokyo-based photographer Adrian Storeyfeatures plenty of commuters that can’t seem to keep their eyes open, lounging in the most unusually public spaces. It’s quite understandable falling asleep during a cab or subway ride, but passing out on the stairs down to the metro station should start ringing some vacation bells!

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  • Urpiana

    I cant believe that a person has to live a life like this… what kind of world do we live in? we do not respect our body and our life. I do not think that going to extreme work day by day is recommended. We as humans need time for eat, sleep, family, religion, recreation and work, all of this in perfect harmony. I respect the people from Japan so much and I just want the best for them as well as the rest of the world. Please do not think this is actually an example for living.

  • Marcos

    God’s Command to Rest
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    Fourth Commandment (Exodus 20:8ff)

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