40 Photos of Endeavour's Last Flight - A Farewell to America

40 Photos of Endeavour’s Last Flight – A Farewell to America

Space shuttle Endeavour has said its goodbyes and have reached its final destination at the California Science Center in Los Angeles, California. The shuttle was mounted atop a customized NASA’s 747 Bowing Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, for a cross-country ferry mission and returning to its place of birth, California. It landed at Los Angeles International Airport at 12:51 p.m. PDT Friday. The scenery of people gathering at natural observatories from all around the US, to say goodbye and get a glimpse of the flying giant is just legendary.

Endeavour was NASA’s fifth and final space shuttle to be built. Construction began on September 28, 1987 and it rolled out of the assembly plant in Palmdale, California in April 1991. It was named after a ship chartered to traverse the South Pacific in 1768 and captained by 18th century explorer James Cook. Endeavour flew 25 times, traveling more than 122,000 miles and accumulating 299 days in space. Like shuttles Discovery, Enterprise and Atlantis, Endeavour is embarking on its next mission – to inspire the next generation of explorers and engineers at the California Science Center. Here the farewell flight gallery:

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