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The Kaleidoscopic Art of Deenesh Ghyczy

Deenesh Ghyczy, the artist from Diepholz, Germany, has an exceptional technique of expressing himself through his paintings. His art looks as if Ghyczy was drawing while looking over the patterned glass resulting into amazing fragmented portraits. It’s not only the kaleidoscopic feeling you get from these bizarre work, it also determines an emotional component. As Ghyczy says: “For a long time now, we ceased having a core identity, as such. We are many people, with different identities and different personalities”.

The Vivid Colors of Munich U-Bahn

Munich, the capital of Bavaria and Germany’s third largest city with 1.3 million inhabitants got its U-Bahn subway system (Untergrundbahn meaning subway in German) only in 1972 in the occasion of hosting the Olympic games, yet the network has rapidly reached 100.3 km (62.3 mi) of active lines and is compromised of 100 stations at the present time. Learning from mistakes of other countries – Munich achieved spacious and efficient results in its metro system. While first stations were designed pretty plain the recent ones have quite interesting concepts, colorful outlooks and unexpected finishes, such as Dulferstrasse station, designed by Peter Lanz and Jurgen… Read more »

Cardboard Cities by Andy Rudak

London-based advertising photographer Andy Rudak just got finished with a new project – that he considers personal, creating canvases from cities like New York, Paris, Tokyo, & Mumbai out of paper cardboard. After almost a full year of research, planning, design, and building, Rudak, along with a team including set-builder Luke Aan de Wiel, completed the new plateaus, each about 4-5 feet high, the miniature sets appear almost realistic through the amazing cityscape details as well as Rudak’s creative framing skills and manipulation of perspective. Along with getting you to admire the artistry of the landscapes, Rudak wanted you to feel an emotional calming attachment to the images… Read more »

Inside Google’s High-Tech Data Centers – Where the Internet Lives

For the first time ever, Google gives us a glimpse of their behemothic storage facilities, where every little piece of data is archived, this is where every article, photo, video, and song sits awaiting to be looked up and generated instantly in search results. The new photos where revealed through a newly launched website, Where the Internet Lives, which features never-before-seen images of eight of Google’s 9 data centers, the places the “physical internet” calls home. According to Google, their facilities, which must process 3 billion search queries a day and 72 hours of YouTube videos every minute, are “among the most… Read more »

20 Insane Perspective Shots Taken With The Awesome GoPro Camera

GoPro, the notorious, small, wearable, waterproof and shockproof camera, built specifically for extreme sports athletes and fans. Founded by Nick Woodman, he was inspired to start a company dedicated to adventure photography after a 2002 surfing trip to Australia. Hoping to capture incredible images, he soon discovered that high quality equipment could not be obtained for reasonable prices. So, he decided to make his company with an aim to get everyday people capturing professional-like shots. The GoPro camera is now widely used by the surfing community as well as by the skiing, bicycling, and skydiving communities. Here are some images to demonstrate just… Read more »

Picture of the Day: Forced-Perspective Superman by Dimitri Bogachuk

This incredible forced-perspective photograph entitled “Superman”, snapped by Ukrainian photographer Dimitri Bogachuk, riding on one of the horrifically long subway escalators Ukraine’s possess. A very original idea that blends perspective and long exposure blur adding an illusion of flying. It all depends on how you look at it. [Via Cultura Inquieta]

Cities Around the World Dressed in Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is the month of raising awareness for breast cancer around the world. Originating in the US, The National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) is a collaboration of national public service organizations, professional medical associations, and government agencies working together to promote breast cancer awareness, share information on the disease, and provide greater access to services. Since its inception, the campaign’s recognition has increased dramatically. Every year more cities and municipalities ship in the awareness stream about the devastating disease; by lighting up monuments and landmark building in pink, gushing pink water out of fountains, painting sidewalks and vehicles in pink, etc –… Read more »

Humorous Fingerprints Portraits You Will Recognize

This set of fingerprints portrait entitled “Ditology” – as unique as it sounds, proves that simplicity is gold. The artist, whose identity is anonymous under the name “Dito Von Tease”, “Dito” meaning “finger” in Italian, manages to illustrate portraits of well known characters from around the world on his fingertip with just a few pen strokes. Looking closely at the images reveal that he mostly depend on the eyes and eyebrows to define facial features, in addition to the proper color of clothing and hair, and the resemblance become remarkable. Only on the tip of his finger! [Ditology]

Lee Jeffries’ Faces of the Forgotten

England-based photographer Lee Jeffries has transformed himself from an accountant and sports photographer into a fine arts photographer. His set of images of homeless and elderly people redefines the concept of black and white images. Jeffries travels around capturing the homeless of east and west coast America including Los Angeles and New York, as well as Rome and Manchester. The photographs are then enhanced with software, primarily through dodge and burn, to develop the mood of the eyes. “It’s the eyes that attracted me to take the photograph in the first place and this is always the starting point for the emotional… Read more »

Back to the Future: The 1950 that 1925 foresaw would have been nice

Aircraft landing fields on top of buildings. Spiral Escalators going 4 levels underground. Self-reliant building communities with schools and businesses intermixed with housing. Multiple levels of transportation streets. An exceptionally organized view of the future. All part of an architect’s vision of the future city in 25 years – back then! Published in Popular Science magazine monthly issue of August 1925 and entitled”How you may live and travel in the city of 1950″. If only it ended up that way back then, makes you wonder what went wrong in the middle?!

The Lion City – Singapore

Here’s a new video from an artist who manages to always push the art of time-lapse in new directions, Keith Loutit. Made using tilt-shift technology, he displays Singapore “The Lion City” like never before. The render technique is amazingly fresh, using a blur-focus wave on various depth to give each static scene a dynamic vibe. (music signed “Sepia Productions”).

A Peek at Klaus Tiedge’s African Wildlife Photography

German-born reknowned photographer Klaus Tiedge, is widely known for his passion for commercial photography with over twenty years of experience. In 2001, an assignment brought him to South Africa. He grew fond of it so much & decided to move there with his wife, settling in Cape Town, where he would be a photographer for the fashion industry. Since 2008, his attention has been brought closely to fine art imagery especially in creating astonishing photos that simply capture the character, beauty, charm, atmosphere, and harmony of African wildlife, traveling through countries like Namibia, Botswana and Kenya.

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