20 Insane Perspective Shots Taken With The Awesome GoPro Camera

20 Insane Perspective Shots Taken With The Awesome GoPro Camera

GoPro, the notorious, small, wearable, waterproof and shockproof camera, built specifically for extreme sports athletes and fans. Founded by Nick Woodman, he was inspired to start a company dedicated to adventure photography after a 2002 surfing trip to Australia. Hoping to capture incredible images, he soon discovered that high quality equipment could not be obtained for reasonable prices. So, he decided to make his company with an aim to get everyday people capturing professional-like shots. The GoPro camera is now widely used by the surfing community as well as by the skiing, bicycling, and skydiving communities.

Here are some images to demonstrate just how amazing the shots captured by the GoPro are:

With the release of GoPro’s latest hardware, HD HERO 3 2 days ago, and to show you just what this camera is capable, the company released an adrenaline-pumping video that’ll make you want to grab your bike, surfboard, kayak, or snowboard and just go!

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