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Waves by Ran Ortner

Ran Ortner, 52 year old New York-based artist, found his vocation in implementing his love to surfing and sea through Canvas Oil Paintings. He started to surf on beaches of California when he was 18, he kept his hobby throughout his life, and the emotions from the sea kept appearing in his work. “In my art, I contemplate the collision of opposites, from tender brutalities to the devastating sensitivities. Every day I enter my studio, prepare my materials and, as James Joyce said, “go for the millionth time to encounter the reality of the experience.” I attempt through painting to sustain my encounter with life’s biting… Read more »

Magic Realism Through The Paintings of Rob Gonsalves

When you glimpse at any of the paintings by Rob Gonsalves, the second of scrolling turns into a deep look instead. His work produces not only pleasant art, yet carries great meaning behind it, where each small detail matters. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Gonsalves was influenced by paintings of  Magritte and Escher and started his creations as a hobby aside from his architecture career. After an enthusiastic response in the 1990 at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition the artist totally devoted himself to his art. In his work Rob Gonsalves is trying to capture human’s desire to believe in the impossible… Read more »

The Story Behind the Blacked-Out Photo of Lower Manhattan, New York

The latest cover of New York Magazine (November 2012 issue) features an incredible aerial photograph of a blacked-out New York City. The cover image conveys the devastating impact of Hurricane Sandy as it left much of downtown Manhattan powerless. In fact, New York Magazine’s own offices (located at Varick and Canal street) were left flooded and powerless (including their backup servers in New Jersey) and they only managed to get the latest issue out by setting up an improvised newsroom (with 32 editors, photo editors, designers, and production specialists squeezed around a conference-room table). All of this happened 72 hours before going… Read more »

Time-Lapse Magic at the Capital of the Ukrainian North – Chernihiv

A young talent from Chernihiv, Ukraine, photographer Dima Torianyk created a very sweet video describing his hometown. It took him one month and 25,000 shots in preparation, he picked out 15,000 ones to finish his 2 minutes of perfection. The gear used is 18-135 and helios 44-2. Torianyk depicts the modern dynamic and unique history of an originally small yet amazing city in a way that makes you hit the play button one more time. Watch the time-lapse video: [Credits: Dima Torianyk] [Via: Vimeo] [Music: Foster The People – Houdini]

COMESA New Headquarter Building Proposal by RMC Architects & Engineers

COMESA, short for Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa, is an organization of free independent sovereign states which have agreed to co-operate in developing their natural and human resources for the good of all their people and as such it has a wide-ranging series of objectives which necessarily include in its priorities the promotion of peace and security in the region. It was founded in December 1994. The majority of the Secretariat’s staff is based at its Lusaka, Zambia headquarters, with a smaller sub-section of the Secretariat staff in Cairo, Egypt. As their current building in Zambia has shown signs… Read more »

Picture of the Day: Winter in Alexandria, Egypt

One of the most stunning captures I’ve seen of my hometown, Alexandria, Egypt, is snapped by the talented amateur photographer Amy El Shaarawy. Her photograph of Alexandria’s main seaside road wet from rain and angry waves, briefly describes and sums up what the city is all about. Though a coastal city popular for its beaches, resorts and summer getaways, anyone that know Alexandria loves its quiet and heart-warming rainy winters further more than its crowded hot and humid summers. Great photograph! [Wet me Alex © Amy Elshaarawy] [On Flickr]

Capturing the Reaction: Water Balloons Thrown at People’s Faces by Sarah Lim

Artists always try to capture a special moment creating more and more challenges for themselves and their audience. Sarah Lim, Texas-based  photographer, brought up the idea of watching people’s emotions towards a water balloon thrown right at their faces. Scared, surprised, excited, annoyed – first reaction will never lie. [Sarah Lim]

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