Waves by Ran Ortner

Waves by Ran Ortner

Ran Ortner, 52 year old New York-based artist, found his vocation in implementing his love to surfing and sea through Canvas Oil Paintings. He started to surf on beaches of California when he was 18, he kept his hobby throughout his life, and the emotions from the sea kept appearing in his work.

“In my art, I contemplate the collision of opposites, from tender brutalities to the devastating sensitivities. Every day I enter my studio, prepare my materials and, as James Joyce said, “go for the millionth time to encounter the reality of the experience.” I attempt through painting to sustain my encounter with life’s biting reality.” – says Ran.

One of Ortner’s most successful paintings is “Open Water No 24″. In 2009 in the ArtPrize Competition 19-foot-long rendering of the swelling sea won him $250,000.

 Till now Ran Ortner is inspired by his muse – the sea and keeps on implementing his passion in his art. His work simply overwhelms with it’s scale and realistic feeling of waves coming right down to your hand.

 [Source: Ran Ortner]

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  • Ismat Eloueini

    it looks so real
    as if he realy framed the sea ….you can see the transperancy of the water….can feel the calm or its angre …Ran Ortner has captured the soul of the sea

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  • http://netdost.com/ NetDost – Visual Inspiration

    These are simply spectacular

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