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What Does 200 Calories Look Like in Various Types of Food

How many of us know what does 200 calories look like in various types of food? Nutrition-aware people are always busy with how many calories does their meal, snack, or drink carry in order to maintain an equally opposite burning activity. Well, information website wiseGEEK sought to answer this question. The result was a fascinating article that compares over 71 foods! The images below are sorted from low to high calorie density (a way of measuring the weight associated with a specified amount of a particular food). Keep in mind this shows Calories only, of which the average adult needs to consume about 2000-2500 daily. Important factors like nutritional value… Read more »

Netherlands’ Natural Ice Triggers Rare Winter Sports

Amsterdam-based photographer Ben Visbeek recently took some breathtaking photos of the Dutch ice yachting and skating on the Gouwzee, a bay in North Holland. As Visbeek writes, “The Netherlands is a small country of 16 million people, but it boasts a quarter of a million competitive speedskaters, and millions more who skate for fun.” Natural ice in the Netherlands is a rare occurrence. Some winters have no natural ice at all. Maybe that explains why the Dutch love to skate outdoors. They hardly ever get the chance! But when a cold wave hits, and the interconnected maze of canals, rivers… Read more »

Astonishing HD images of the Sun Shot from the Photographer’s Backyard

Pointing a telescope towards the sky from his backyard in Buffalo, NY, Alan Friedman, using special filters attached to his camera, captures some of the most lovely details of the Sun’s boiling surface. The raw images are colorless and often blurry requiring numerous hours of coloring, adjusting and finessing to tease out the finest details, the results of which hardly resemble what I imagine the 10-million degree surface of Sun might look like. Instead Friedman’s photos appear almost calm and serene, perhaps an entire planet of fluffy clouds or cotton candy. From his artist statement: My photographs comprise a solar diary, portraits of… Read more »

Friends in Real Life – Man Opens Iconic Sitcom Central Perk Cafe in Beijing

If you were a fan of the hugely popular sitcom Friends, you surely remember their favorite meeting place, the Central Perk Cafe. Tired of just seeing the characters experience the coziness of that soft orange couch, one Chinese fan decided to create his own Friends cafe, in Beijing, China. Like so many of us, Du Xin loved Friends. “I’m crazy about Friends. For me, it’s like a religion. It’s my life,” he told NPR. After watching the show, he started searching around Beijing for a place where he could actually sit on an orange couch just like the one his favorite heroes relaxed on in… Read more »

Hilariously Creepy Valentine’s Day Cards

Love sometimes makes us say or do some very weird things. Australian art collective, HubbaWelcome, mocks the head-over-heels in love sort of fluffiness by presenting an almost stalker-ish series of Valentine’s day postcards. Chris Mundy and Greg Lockhart, currently based in East London, say their inspiration comes from the online culture and the loneliness and isolation that the information age evokes. [Via HubbaWelcome]

25 Surprising Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

This series called Learn Something Every Day is a self initiated project by UK based design studioYoung. It contains surprising facts drawn in cute copic doodles. Find out something you might not know about below

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