How "Wireless" is Your Family?

How “Wireless” is Your Family? (infographic)

Now-a-day, it is considered very hard to find a family member without some sort of mobile device. Children receive their first cellphones at earlier ages, I’ve seen friends buying their kids iPads when they’re 4 or 5 years old, and parents who grew up before the trend of Internet are learning to navigate the web.

What exactly does today’s wireless family look like? According to CTIA, The Wireless Association, 70% of children under 12 have used a mobile device, and more than half of kids age 8 to 12 have a cellphone. As the modern family introduces tech earlier on, parents are trying to close the gap between the perception of what they think their kids do online and what really goes on. Check out the infographic, below, for deeper insight:

[Via Mashable]

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